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MMM21 Video
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Dear Parents,
Please open the link for the Markhor Mini Marathon(MMM21) video.

MMM21 Video

Newlands Admin

Markhor Mini Marathon
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Dear Newlanders,
Markhor Mini Marathon timings update for Friday 19th February, due to the likelihood of further fog:

Assemble 8:30am for instructions & warm-up.

Race 1: Gr 9 to Adults Start: 9:30am
Race 2 & 3: Gr 4 – 8 will be COMBINED Start: 11:00am

Bring water, warm clothes & snacks for after your race.
This is a Newlands’ Community Day -therefore no online classes.
Kind regards,
Newlands Admin

Thank you Cyclists
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Dear Parents and Students,
A huge thank you for making such a success of Cyclimate 2021- surely to return bigger and better in 2022. We received many requests for a Newlands’ Cycling Club perhaps Fridays and Saturdays. Do please let us know if this is something you would welcome. Stay safe
Kind Regards,
Mr. Simon

Cyclimate 2021
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Dear Parents,
DHA-approved Cyclimate 2021 is finally here and takes place tomorrow, Thursday 28th January!

Assemble 9:00am
First race 10: 00am
Award Ceremony 12:00pm

No BSU online classes.
Parents welcome to spectate anywhere along the 1.5km route in J Block. HOUSE KITS must be worn. To participate, Helmets and Masks must be worn. See you there!

Newlands Admin

Rub-a-Dub Activity by Pre-Nursery
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Water play activities help to develop and strengthen children’s fine and gross motor skills.
Young children love water play and we know that children learn the most and can focus the longest when they are doing activities that they really like. By keeping in mind the interest of Pre-Nursery students, Beaconhouse Defence Ring Road Campus planned a Rub-a-Dub Activity on Friday, 13th May 2022. Students were dressed up in simple summer clothes and they washed, rinsed, scrubbed their toys and splashed. Here are some joyful moments of that activity.

Star Student Award Ceremony 2nd Round 2022
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Language Development in Early Years Defence Ring Road Campus.
At Beaconhouse Defence Ring Road Campus we pay special emphasis on developing English language skills of our students from an early age. In order to encourage students to converse in English, various strategies are adopted by our devoted staff. One of the most effective strategy, so far is motivation through incentives. These incentives are given on regular basis in an impressive Star Student Award Ceremony.
For this purpose 2nd Round of ‘ Star Student Award Ceremony’ was organised for Pre-Nursery – Class II. Students who are making an effort to converse in English and who have shown improvement in their language were awarded with the badges by the Principal Ms Azka Maimoon and Early Years Headmistress Ms Shazia Anjum. Parents were also invited to celebrate their child’s achievement. They were full of praise and happy to see their young ones acknowledged by the school.

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Yum….Yum…Jelly…. That was the reaction, our little learners had when they were told that our activity for the day was Jelly Making in conjunction with the current sound ‘j’. The objective of this activity was to provide a tangible experience about the process of jelly making through a live cooking session for the learners.

The teacher started the activity by showing how hot water needed to be poured carefully into the container. Then she added the solid jelly crystals into the hot water. During this process the students could see the solid jelly crystals and sugar dissolving in water. The students then whisked the mixture one by one while watching the jelly dissolve.
The teacher then explained that the liquid needs to be cooled and then poured into a mould which will take the shape of the container. The jelly was kept in the refrigerator for 2 hours to set. The students were surprised and excited to see the jelly that was formed. At home time jelly was given as a give away to all the students.

7 اپریل عالمی یوم صحت۔
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اپریل عالمی یومِ صحت:
عالمی یوم صحت سے متعلق آگاہی کا عالمی دن ہے جو ہر سال 7 اپریل کو عالمی ادارہ صحت کے ساتھ ساتھ دیگر متعلقہ اداروں کی سرپرستی میں منایا جاتا ہے۔ 1948 میں ڈبلیو ایچ او نے پہلی عالمی صحت اسمبلی کا انعقاد کیا۔

اسی سلسلے میں بیکن ہاؤس ڈیفنس رنگ روڈ کیمپس جماعت کے جی کی اردو جماعت میں نئے ریڈر “دانت کے درد” سے متعلقہ صحت وصفائی کی سرگرمی کا انعقاد کیا گیا۔

جسں میں معلمہ نے دندان ساز کا روپ دھار کر بچوں کو دانتوں کیلئے مفید اور غیر مفید اشیا کے بارے میں بتایا۔

دانت صاف کرنے کا درست طریقہ بھی عملی طور سکھایا گیا۔اوردانتوں کے ساتھ ساتھ جسمانی صفائی کے بارے میں بھی آگاہی دی گئی۔۔

اور بعد ازاں بچوں نے اردو ٹیچر کے ساتھ صحت و صفائی کے متعلق گراں قدر معلومات پر تبادلۂ خیال کیا۔

Early Years Mini Olympics
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Colourful and vivacious Mini Olympics for Pre-Nursery, Nursery Kindergarten, Class I & Class II students were held on 31st March & 1st April 2022 at Early Years BDRRC. Three shows were conducted. All the events started with welcoming the chief guests Ms Azka Maimoon (Principal BDRRC), Mr Rana Asad Masood (BD/ ROC), Ms Ushna Sohail (1st Internationally Recognised Tennis Player of Pakistan) Mr Azam Ali Noon (Academics/ HO), Ms Aasia Raza (HM Upper Primary & Middle School BDRRC ) and was later officially declared open.

The colourful ambiance was speaking of Tremendously well arranged Event ahead.
Children ‘s excitement in Fabulous Costumes holding a strong spirit of Victory into their smiles was worth seeing. Variety of performances had been prepared by the Young Learners of Early Years. Beautiful Children like fresh flowers synchronised their movements with music into Hula hoop with laughters and shout outs of the audience soon after the whistle blew and Victory Stand started inspiring the children to get faster and faster. As they got faster and faster the shout outs became louder and louder wavering the building with joyful laughters.
Clown PT performed into wonderful Costumes amused the audience greatly and the audience went wild with exuberance.
Parents’ applause for the young performers showed their enthusiasm and pride.
Karate round with gracefully dressed children was also full of energy . It seemed as if every opposing force coming across their way will get crashed into tiny pieces.
Gymnasts’ stunning performance in colourful clothing won the hearts of their audience leaving them open mouthed in amazement.
The best part of the Mini Olympics was the 100% participation of the students where all the students were awarded with a trophy. Parents were full of praises for the little champs and school.
BDRRC rocks !!!!!!

NEWSLETTER 2021-2022
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Independence Day 2022
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Pakistan is proud of its youth, especially the students who will be tomorrow’s nation-builders. They must properly prepare themselves for the difficult work that lies ahead of them via self-discipline, education, and training.

-Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah

On August 16, 2022, the students at Beaconhouse Kindergarten-I, Campus, Jauhar celebrated Independence day in a joyful manner. Students and teachers were dressed in a national attire. The students enthusiastically engaged in various activities, such as singing and performing national anthems, making and crafting of national flag, virtual tour of Pakistan and giving speeches on the importance of independence.

Additionally, the students made cards and posters, and they decorated their classrooms to display their enthusiasm. The teachers told them about the national poets, clothes, food, animals, and historical places of Pakistan. Teachers organized role-plays and milli-naghmay with the children to build their sense of pride, identity, and freedom while nurturing students with the same vision. Students did an excellent job acting out role-plays! It demonstrated their developing patriotism and love for our nation. A cake cutting ceremony took place and honored by the headmistress, Ms. Narjis Rizvi. The students chimed in with their favorite national songs, ecstatic to be commemorating their country’s independence, milli-naghmay, and national songs became the voice of our hearts.


Welcome Back to School Session 2022-23
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Vacation is the period during which students relax, spend quality time with their friends and family, and hone their co-curricular and extra-curricular skills. But, when school resumes, students face a number of emotions; some are excited, some are enthusiastic and some are eager to learn new things. To ensure a great first day at school, fun-filled activities were prepared by the teachers for the students so that they are prepared for each class and participate actively for better outcomes. It is an exciting time as students anticipate new classmates, a new classroom and the chance to see their friends again and a fresh start with a new teacher. The teachers maintain a good attitude, introduce classroom rules and share the schedule of the day with the students to make sure the first day runs as smoothly as possible.

Here in Kindergarten-I, Campus Jauhar, the teachers planned different engaging activities for the students to enjoy their first day to their fullest. They attended music, arts, P.E classes with great interest. Students were seen excited when they reached the playground with their P.E teacher and had different physical activities. It helped them in getting a proper head start for the rest of the day. They were prepared for each class and participated actively in every activity such as name writing activity, students crafted a rocket and wrote their names on it. Nursery students started with the nursery rhymes along with actions and expressions. Students did coloring in a “school bus cut outs so that the teachers can assess their pencil gripping and ability to move pencil in a different directions. In pre-nursery, students did “my first day drawing and scribbling”. All the teachers were instructed to do proper planning and execution so students can feel better and learn with interest. Students had a healthy lunch and happily returned back to home.  


Meet & Greet
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It’s a common believe that a strong partnership between the home and school will help children succeed in school. For this reason a Meet & Greet session was organized by, Kindergarten-I, Campus Jauhar on 11th and 12th August 2022. Parents along with their children visited the school to meet new teachers of their child for the session 2022-23. They had a good discussion about the students, such as details on the child’s interests, strength and areas for development .

Here in Beaconhouse, our teachers are trained in a way that they look at the brighter side of of every student and they understand that every child is unique and learns in a unique way. Parental suggestions were taken as the way forward to improve further which would enable the teachers to collaborate with their students at school more successfully. The Meet & Greet session went smoothly and parents were satisfied with the new teachers and classroom environment.

Meet & Greet
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Teachers believe that a strong partnership between the home and school will help children succeed in school. A Meet & Greet session was conducted on 11th and 12th August 2022. Parents along with their children visited the school to meet new teachers of their child for the session 2022-23. Teachers appreciated parental information about their students, such as details on the child’s interests or strengths. Teachers were also aware that every student is unique and learns in a unique way, and that only parents and teachers know their child best. Parents were welcomed to offer some advice that will enable the instructor to collaborate with their child at school more successfully. The Meet & Greet session went smoothly and parents were satisfied with the new teacher and classroom environment.

Elocution 2022
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Speech production, articulation, and pronunciation are all influenced by elocution. It enables people to demonstrate their oratory abilities. Students can improve their self-expression and confidence by participating in elocution competitions. In early years school, students are given a poem to present in the Elocution competition. All the participants present a different poem, and the best presenter is chosen as the elocution competition winner.

On 6th and 7th of April, 2022, Beaconhouse Kindergarten-I Campus Johar held an English and Urdu Elocution Competition for Kindergarten and Nursery students. This is done once a year in an effort to improve speaking skills such as pronunciation, accent, intonation, delivery, and voice modulation, as well as to develop English and Urdu as a spoken language. This year also the students from all the sections participated in the Elocution Competition. The selection of poems was done by the respective class teachers; they prepared students for a group poem, solo English and solo Urdu poem. The competition was judged by; Ms. Narjis Rizvi (Headmistress), Ms. Lubna Amir (Senior Mistress), Ms. Rakshinda Kamran (School Coordinator), Ms. Sitwat Zaidi (Librarian), Ms. Saher Saleem, and Ms. Sahar Umer (Lead teachers).

The competition was divided into two rounds: one for group poems among each section, and another for solo English and Urdu poems. In group poems, all the students from each section participated and for solo poems only 2 students participated from each section. The students presented their poems section wise; they started with their class introduction and presented the poem together as prepared. They were confident, audible, clear, synchronized and well expressible when they were performing in a group. The solo performers did a splendid job, their way of delivery, expressions, pronunciation, intonation, and confidence was meeting all the areas of marking. All the judges were astonished and excited to observe the performance of young learners and remarked that it was a joy to hear the students speak so well, but that deciding who would win was difficult.

Overall, the Elocution was full of excitement and enthusiasm for not only students but also for teachers. It provided a great opportunity for students to speak up and show their speaking skills with confidence.


Annual Sports Day 2021-22
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It is no secret that physical activities are necessary to a student’s overall well-being. The benefits of physical education in schools are far-reaching, including both increased students’ physical health and better academic performance. It teaches children key life skills, alongside improving their health and mental wellbeing. Physical activities in schools help the students in physical, emotional, cognitive and social development. Sports in the school setting have been shown to have a favorable impact on holistic development of students, as it assists children to learn a variety of skills and competencies such as leadership, patience, teamwork and social skills.
On 22nd of January 2022, Beaconhouse Kindergarten-I Campus, Jauhar celebrated its Annual Sports Day at Gulistan e Scouts Training Centre. The parents were cordially invited to witness the grand event. Ms. Narjis Rizvi, the esteemed Headmistress, declared the Sports Day open with her captivating speech. The programme began with the recitation of the verses from Holy Quran, followed by oath taking, P.T and welcome display. The hall echoed with cheers when the audience witnessed the young athletes performing different maneuvers. Students from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten took part in a variety of activities with great zest and zeal.


Young acrobats showed great flexibility and agility on different Zumba and Yoga feats. The Yoga students flexed and strengthened their bodies by moving them into various poses. In Gymnastics, they demonstrated strength, balance, and body control on highly athletic and artistic body movements. The young taekwondoins exhibited jaw dropping techniques which were highly enjoyed and appreciated by the audience. They skillfully broke tiles and presented their strong physical abilities.
The students became energetic and excited when the time came for track races. They ran at top speed in order to win the race. The prize distribution ceremony brought the event to an end. The winners were awarded medals and gifts by the Headmistress and Senior Mistress. It was a colorful day full of excitement and passion.


Let’s Bring Stories Alive – Literary Day
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Stories play a fundamental role in the growth and development of a child. Listening to stories since childhood, help children learn social and moral values.  Through reading story books and listening to various stories, children learn to  empathize with others. Stories help with their brain development and lays the groundwork for the development of social, communication and interpersonal skills.

Literary Day was celebrated at Kindergareten – 1 Campus, Jauhar with great zest and zeal. Parents were invited to witness the immaculate performances of young performers. Different captivating stories were picked up by their class teachers. Each student was given a significant role in order to showcase his/her interpersonal skills.  Each presentation started with the characters introducing themselves followed by their group performance.

Mehfil-e-Rang-o-Noor Mai ho Rahi Hai, Rasm-e-Bismillah!
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Teaching about religion since birth is pivotal in laying the foundation of character building of a child.  Religion helps in creating an ethical framework for children, thus; it supports in building values like love, empathy, respect, and harmony.

We, in Beaconhouse Kindergaten 1 Campus, Jauhar believe in inculcating values in our students. Teaching about religion and making students familiar with the basics of Islam is considered imperative in Early years. Therefore, Rasm-e-Bismillah was planned for Nurseries and Mehfil-e-Miald for KGs.

Mothers were invited to be the part of this mystical gathering  and give blessings to the young students from nurseries on their Rasm e Bismillah. The students from KGs recited different hamd-o-naat in their melodious voice which were highly appreciated by the audience.  Ms. Naveen from Kindergarten 1 extension, Campus was also invited as a guest who filled the air with her stirring voice by reciting some heart touching hamd-o-naat.

May be an image of 5 people, people standing and indoor May be an image of 8 people and indoor  May be an image of 10 people, people standing and indoor

Digital Newsletter 2020-2021
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The Year 2020 –
A year that will be remembered forever!
A year that has changed the world and people will always remember!
A year that has taught us the importance of life!
It was the year when people from the COVID-19 pandemic survived!
It hit the world and caused drastic change!
And destroyed everything which came in its range.
Now the future looks gloomy and depressing!
with the fear of losing dear ones and blessings!
But with courage and belief!
We will stand tall without a heave!
Together we will play our part!
to eradicate this virus and let it depart!

The pandemic was a great challenge for the economic world. Multinational companies, airlines, colleges, and especially schools were impacted badly by this deadly virus. Schools and educational institutions switched the learning methods to remote learning. It was indeed a great setback for the entire education system. However, with great efforts and hard work, Team Kindergarten-I Campus, Jauhar managed to switch to online teaching overnight and worked untiringly to provide uninterrupted education. We did not only manage to have continuous learning through BSU but also had various extracurricular activities and carried out learning events.

We, at Kindergarten-I Campus, Jauhar have always strived for excellence and we proved it in these difficult circumstances as well.

Let’s have a look at the Digital Newsletter of the Academic Session 2020-2021.
Click on the link below to have a glimpse of the previous Academic Year.

Term I
Term II

Confident Students of BMIG Shine at PTV World Studio !
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A group of talented students of BMIG of Grade 10 Orange was invited for an interview on a popular morning show on PTV World to discuss the impact of media globalization in reshaping perceptions about traditions, culture, and identity.

The students shared their thoughtful insights and articulated their ideas clearly and concisely. They represented the voice of their generation and discussed the ways through which media globalization has affected their own experiences and perspectives. They also suggested solutions on how one could revive the culture and traditions and tackle today’s identity crisis effectively.

Another Feather in Beaconhouse Margalla Campus Girls Branch’s Cap
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“Limitations lie only in our minds but with one’s imagination and creativity, possibilities become limitless.” -Jamie Paolinetti

To ignite the passion of creativity among students and keeping up the tradition, Beaconhouse Margalla Campus – Girls Branch participated in HRCA Arts and Creative Writing Competition.
This year the theme finalized was ‘The Future World’.
Students showcased their amazing art work using their skilled hands in painting and they did wonders in creative writing too.
The whole event was filled with fun.

A cash prize of Rs 10,000/- along with 10 Gold Medals, giveaways, certificates, and souvenirs were presented to the passionate students, honourable headmistress, and the respected coordinators of the event.

It was indeed an excellent experience for the students who enthusiastically participated in the competition, exploring their imagination and enhancing their creative skills in their own styles through their creative writings and artistic posters.



Fall Fest
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A fall festival is an event that is typically held in the autumn season. It is a celebration of the changing of the seasons and the harvest. DP1 took an initiative to hold a fall fest which included pumpkin carving, home cooked food stalls and live music. Students enjoyed festival games such as musical chairs and soda pong. French language students sang a song in French.

This fest served as break from the study schedule and gave an opportunity to students to display their creativity and management skills.


Project Based Learning (BMI-G)
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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller


On Friday, 2nd December students of Classes VI, VII and VIII culminated their 6 week long PBL (projects), after having gone through phases of Identifying a problem, agreeing on or devising a solution and potential solution path to the problem and designing and developing a prototype of the solution.

Projects were named “Lost” for class VI, “Human Settlement ” for class VII and “Ecological Case study” for class VIII.

On this occasion, the Chief guest was Dr.Muhammad Imran Shahzad, Head – Department of Meteorology, Lead Scientist – Earth & Atmospheric Remote Sensing Lab (EARL), who highly appreciated students efforts. Students showed their learning through role play, models, prototype, class nursery and also shared their PBL journey. Their efforts were also highly appreciated by the parents!

International Dataviz Grand Challenge 2022- BCP Margalla IBDP team reached the finals.
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In today’s fast paced digital world when we have to deal with enormous data, we need to present it in clear and eye-catching data visuals. Recently, the year 1 students of BCP Margalla IBDP programme participated in  International Dataviz Grand Challenge 2022 hosted by University of Norttingham Malaysia. The students made innovative and unique infographics on global issues such as floods, climate change or poverty etc.  Our student won the challenge and made it to the finals which will be held on 5th December. This is a rare achievement as students from all over the world had participated in the challenge.The team constituted six students; Ismail Nawaz, Farheen Asif, Maria Waqar, Emaan Sarfraz, Abdullah Bin Naseem and Anum Nabeel. We are very proud and genuinely support our students in all their creative ventures.


BCP Margalla IBDP Celebrates 47th BSS Birthday
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Celebrating birthdays has become a global custom and a significant one too as it serves as a symbol of our success, prosperity and a promising future. We celebrate birthdays to remember all the good times we have had in the past year as well as to pray for a brighter tomorrow. We express our gratitude and pledge to make the world a happier place with our existence.

On November 2nd, 2022, BMI celebrated the 47th birthday of BSS! All 4 branches of BMI gathered together to support their school on the field. Celebratory Beaconhouse music played, confetti was shot from party poppers and photos were taken as students sang the birthday wishes. The admin staff, including our Principal Ma’am Ayesha Ansar, and the heads of student council for all 4 branches, cut a Beaconhouse cake, and expressed their pride to be beaconites.

BMI IBDP Celebrates 47th BSS Birthday
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Red Ribbon Week at BCP Margalla
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Drug and alcohol addiction is extremely dangerous for the youth. Not only does it destroy the mental and physical health of the addict, it also affects their families and social lives.

BCP Margalla Digital League club celebrated Red Ribbon Week from Monday 24th October 2022 to Thursday 27th October 2022 to raise awareness about the harmful effects of substance abuse.  Various activities were organized during the entire week to educate the students about the negative impact of drug and alcohol addiction.

Red Ribbon Week
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Career Paths!
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BCP Gulberg Career Advisors Ms. Lubna Shaukat & Mr Arsalan Humayun conducted a session with the parents of grade VIIIs to inform & guide them about the career paths after O levels & Matric stream.
It was a very productive & interactive session in which all questions & queries were catered by the Head Middle School & the Career Counsellor

Leaders Of Tomorrow!
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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
Another workshop for Student Council was held on “Leadership & Management” by the Council Incharges Mr Ali Irtaza & Ms Sadia Tiwana.
Students came up with their definition of Leadership, they learnt about different leadership styles and traits of a successful leader.
“You cannot be a leader, and askother people to follow you, unless you know how to follow too” —
Another workshop on “Roles & Responsibilities” was held for the Student Council of Middle school.

Dignity Week at BGTL!
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Everyone aspires to live with dignity. Dignity is defined by your self respect, your confidence, and your sense of fair play. Students of BGTL Middle celebrated “Global Dignity Day” with evangelical fervor by engaging in an awareness walk. The students displayed posters and chanted slogans to remind themselves and encourage others to treat everyone fairly, irrespective of their differences, with dignity and respect. Students of Middle school prepared excellent easels in which they expressed their creativity in the form of colorful posters. These posters depicted the universal right of every human being to lead a dignified life. The students also came up with catchy slogans and constructed badges to prompt fellow students to appreciate and respect the dignity of others.

An Intra-Class Dignity Story Writing Competition was held amongst the students of BGTL Middle. Students came up with remarkable write ups. Through this activity, not only students writing skills were polished,also they were able to give way to their thoughts and feelings for the persons who have done tremendous efforts to uplift humanity. They were also awarded with 1st and 2nd positions for this contest. To acknowledge students’ contribution and achievement, all the winning stories were displayed as a metaphor of a dignity tree.

“Dignity does not float down from heaven, it cannot be purchased nor manufactured. It is a reward reserved for those who labor with diligence.”
” said Bill Hybels.
Global Dignity Day is an annual celebration around the world on the third Wednesday of October to encourage everybody, wherever to understand what dignity is and how they can work for and secure the dignity of others through activities i e morning assemblies, short stories and Dignity walk.
BGTL Middle School students celebrated GLOBAL Dignity Day by performing a skit and an amazing mime in their morning assembly to make everyone realize that each citizen living in this world has their rights and deserves respect.
Students also appreciated and acknowledged the efforts of Custodial staff by making thank you cards for them to show love and affection. Custodial staff was being valued and respected for what they are.
Treating other people with dignity means treating them the way we’d like to be treated ourselves.
As Nelson Mandela once said ”No power on this earth can destroy the thirst for human dignity.”
At the end of the assembly Headmistress of Middle School Ms. Fatima Ahtram took pledge from the students to be responsible towards the people and the environment. Students pledged to believe in dignity.

Inter Cluster Athletics Tournament
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Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus hosted an Inter Cluster Zone-3 Sports (Athletics) Competition for Class (I-VIII) for Boys and Girls on 2nd November.
Following schools participated in the event:
Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus
Beaconhouse 17-G Model Town Campus
Beaconhouse AITC
Beaconhouse Liberty Campus
Beaconhouse 41-A-1 Campus
Beaconhouse 45-I-B-1 Peco Road Campus
Beaconhouse 78-A-1 Peco Road
Competitions included: Hand to Foot Clap , Coordinated High Knee Back Extension Arm and Leg Balance, Cross Hoping , Figure of 8 (Side to Side) , Spot High Knee Run , Single Leg Side Squat , Pushups, & Burpees
Our student Jamal Basit of Claas 7 Silver was able to secure 1st position in “Pushups” Category and made it to the next round. Heartiest congratulations to Jamal & his Sports teachers Mr Falak & Mr Dilber.

Inter-class Sports Tournaments
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School Extra-curricular activities provide a myriad of opportunities for students to demonstrate their talents, challenge themselves and to celebrate their achievement. These are the stepping-stones to achieving greater things in life.
BGTL Middle organized an Inter-class Football tournament for class VIs, a Cricket tournament for class VIIs and a Basketball tournament for class VIIIs in the last week of October’21.
Following were the results:
Runners up Teams:
Class VI- Amber (Football)
Class VII- Silver (Cricket)
Class VIII- Green (Basketball)
Winner Teams:
Class VI- Green (Football)
Class VII- Amber (Cricket)
Class VIII- Orange (Basketball)
Kudos to the winning sections!! 👍🏻

Future leaders take the oath!
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An auspicious investiture ceremony was held at Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus on Thursday, 7th October 2021. The ceremony was graced by DCO Lahore Mr. Mudassir Malik as the chief guest. The oath was taken by the executive council of primary, middle and senior school and they were awarded with sashes by the chief guest. The chief guest Mr. Mudassir Malik and Senior Headmistress Ms. Shamaila Saleem expressed their views and shared expectations from the student council for the academic year 2021-22. The ceremony was concluded with group photos of the council with the chief guest, senior headmistress and section heads.
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams
To promote leadership and to showcase the multiple talents of our students ; also , to instill ownership for the institution each year we hold free and fair elections and elect the vibrant student council of BGTL. Teachers, students and the administration wholeheartedly participate in the rigorous and thorough process consisting of multiple stages

Teachers’ Day!
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Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus Middle School’s Administration and Students celebrated Teachers’ Day on 5th October with full vigor and appreciation to respect and honor their teachers.  The day started with students decorating the staffroom with balloons, banners and welcome badges in anticipation of their teachers’ arrival. Students had already made card for their favorite teachers and a card making competition was also held.

A procession was held with the Student Council and Class 6 Students lining up to welcome their teachers. As the teachers walked in, the students clapped and paid their respects. It was followed by a special assembly where speeches, poems and scripts were presented in honor of teachers. It was followed by a segment where the School Head Ms. Shamaila Saleem, Senior Headmistress Ms. Fatima Ahtram, Coordinators Ms. Asma Ihsan and Mr. Humayun Shakeel presented Teachers Day Cards to the teachers.

After a brief break, everyone got to enjoy Student Council vs. Teachers matches in Badminton where Teachers won 4 out of 5 matches that were played. The day was completed with a staff lunch organized by School Head Ms. Shamaila Saleem.

GT Shines!
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Over the past couple of weeks, students from Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus, Middle School participated in various events and brought laurels to the school. As it rained Medals in IKMC for our students, they also achieved significant awards in FUSIONEM, an inter school event held by Sicas Gulberg.

IKMC is considered one of the most prestigious events of Maths all over the world. In a special assembly, winners were awarded their medals with the teacher incharge, Mr. Afzaal Hussain was also awarded a medal by our esteemed Headmistress Ms. Fatima Ahtram for his services.

In other news, the event hosted by Sicas saw a battle of the minds where our students contested with top schools across Pakistan in a business and social event. In the business event named Negocio, BGTL Delegation B scored the 2nd position and in the social event named Gaia’s Trust, BGTL Delegation A scored the 3rd position.

Election Fever at BGTL Middle!
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Student Council Campaigns went underway in the past week at BGTL Middle with intense enthusiasm and zeal. After rigorous process, tests and interviews, Muhammad Talha Bin Haroon from 8 Amber and Waqas Bin Jawad from 8 Silver were shortlisted to become worthy candidates to contest for the mantle of BGTL Middle Deputy Headboy.


Candidates campaigned from classes to classes, made speeches in Special Assemblies and convinced the student body to embody their vision and vote for them. Posters, banners, slogans, cheers and above all, one to one discussions with the student body helped all the stakeholders to convincingly portray their concerns. The stakeholders (students, teachers and the candidates) held discussions in each of their classes towards excellence and how to take BGTL Middle forward with a positive vision.

Another purpose of these assemblies was to introduce Council Incharges, House Incharges, & Club Incharges to the student body.
The selected council was called on stage to have a group photograph.

Spirit Week at BGTL Middle!
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Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus celebrated Spirit Week in the first week of September as a welcome back activity for the students. Each Class selected a certain topic ranging from Careers, Super Heroes, Halloween to Sports to deliver excellence and information on these topics. They also took out their creative hats to dress up as their inspirations and what they wish to become. Our esteemed judges Coordinator Senior School Ms. Mehwish, Primary HM Ms. Maleha, Primary Art teachers Ms. Tayyaba and Mr. Saif selected the outstanding performer, best costume and show stopper and awarded them with certificates. The activity enabled them to have more awareness about the relevant themes and have more fun in learning.

Cyber Net
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Junior Primary AITC Students of Class 1 shine as CyberNet Heroes! They used the SMART technique to spread cyber awareness, focusing on Security, Mindfulness, Awareness, Responsibility, and Technology. Let’s praise their efforts in creating a safer digital world for all.

#CyberNetHeroes #SMARTTechnique #DigitalLiteracy


Math Quiz
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📰 Exciting Math Quiz Engages Junior Primary Students at AITC, Nurturing Fun and Mathematical Proficiency 🧮

In a bid to foster an engaging and interactive learning environment, Junior Primary AITC students of Grade 1 recently participated in a thrilling math quiz. Designed with the objective of instilling a love for mathematics and enhancing numerical abilities, the quiz offered a fun-filled opportunity for young learners to sharpen their math skills. Under the guidance of enthusiastic teachers, the quiz was meticulously crafted to captivate the attention of students while ensuring a solid grasp of mathematical concepts. With colorful visuals, captivating puzzles, and exciting challenges, the quiz aimed to make mathematics a delightful adventure for the students.


Qirat Competition
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Fatimah Khan our brilliant student of 2 Orange has truely knocked it out of the park with her remarkable Qirat skills, proving that hardwork and determination really do pay off. The sky’s the limit for this rising star of Junior Primary AITC

Fables and Tales
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The Junior Primary team has organized an impressive storytelling event called “Fables & Tales”. The students shared their stories in front of their parents, giving them an opportunity to showcase their storytelling skills. The event was not just for entertainment but also aimed to help the students develop important life skills like public speaking, creativity, teamwork, and leadership, which they successfully achieved.

Perky Pink Day
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Junior Primary AITC held an event called “Perky Pink Day” to educate the students about the significance of love, respect, and self-esteem. By sharing their stories of dignity and composing messages of love and respect for each other, the students were able to promote positive values and establish an environment that is inclusive and supportive. It is our hope that this occasion has been a valuable experience for all the participating students, and they will continue to embrace these important values in their everyday lives.


Field Day 2023
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Field Day has been organized at Junior Primary with fun and energy. Young atheletes have taken part in various games and have hown true pirit of hardwork by winning certificates and medals in their assigned races.


Leader in Me Symposium A spectacular exposition of 7 Habits by our future leaders
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Students of Beaconhouse School System Upper Primary Section arranged a mega Leadership symposium last week. It was a huge success and was thoroughly acknowledged by the parent body. All you could see around were the little future leaders demonstrating the salient 7 habits of highly effective people, an outlook conceived and presented by Stephen Covey.
The Symposium exhibited diverse themes and dimensions of the Leader In me framework through various activities. All the rooms in the upper primary section transformed into Leadership masterclasses conducted by our young future leaders. Our students moved mountains and proved they are second to none in every aspect.
We in Beaconhouse, strongly believe in nurturing life skills and make our students adaptive to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. We can proudly say our students have started the journey to discover the leader in them.

We have empowered our students to not only make a difference in their life but in their surroundings as well.

International Lego Day
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Lego Activity was conducted at BSS-AITC Junior Primay with keenness. Students explored the fun of creativity with all building sets. We believe that children are most inspired when given a chance to use their imagination.


Energetic Day
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Children are Energetic, hopeful, fearless, smart and determined. Our students are the future of our country. They are making the impossible possible. Junior Primary AITC is celebrating this amazing phase on Energetic Day. Students were all dressed up in RED colour and energetically participated in several different activities.

Energetic Day


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“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.” —Abraham Lincoln.

Mother’s Day was celebrated on May 14, 2023 in Pakistan this year.

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the mothers in our lives, the ones who give birth to us, the ones who nourish us, the ones we pick to be our mothers or who volunteer to step up for the role.

To all mothers we say thank you; we recognize and celebrate your love, devotion, tenacity, strength, and commitment to those you have raised and are raising.

Children of Beaconhouse Main Campus, Multan celebrated their mums and their hard work on this Mother’s Day. They showed their source of inspiration by making amazing cards with messages of appreciation and presenting them to their mothers for all their wonderful qualities. They also held a special assembly in which mothers read stories to students, children got their pictures clicked with their moms to make the day more memorable. They enjoyed recording special speeches on social media to pay tribute to the loving mothers.

To sum up,
We laugh, we cry, and we make time fly…
We are best friends, my mom and I.

Eid Milan Party, 2023
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“Life Should not be lived, it should be celebrated. ”

Eid Milan Party is a celebration of unity, brotherhood and happiness.

Main Campus , Multan hosted this joyous moment with immense gratification and delight.

The students of Early Years, Primary, Middle and Secondary Sections celebrated this occasion exuberantly with their class mates and had a rejoicing time together.

They enjoyed crafting Eid cards, exchanged Eid gifts among their fellows, shared scrumptious food, shared jokes and laughter by clicking friendly pictures to make these moments even memorable.

3rd Parent Teacher Meeting
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Parents Teacher Meeting is an important platform for parents and teachers to come together and discuss the progress of their children. It provides an opportunity to understand the educational experiences of their children, share students’ progress reports, discuss the development and help them create a collaborative learning environment.

The Parent Teacher Meeting for Classes Pre-Nursery till Class 11C was held on April 8, 2023 at Beaconhouse Main Campus, Multan to discuss the performance of students with their parents.

It is essential for parents to be involved in their child’s education as they are the main stakeholders in their learning journey. Through this meeting, teachers reviewed assessments and discussed the necessary changes that needed to be made in order to support student growth. The parent body also provided valuable insights into how best to enhance the educational experiences of students.

This helps both parties to understand each other. Moreover, it also helps build a strong parent body that can work together with teachers to provide a more holistic educational experience for students.

Kindergarten Budding Readers Inter-Cluster English and Urdu Competition
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Reading is a critical skill for children in Early Years as it facilitates the development of comprehension and expression abilities. The purpose of the READING BONDS is to create a reading culture and encourage schools to hold opportunities for children to practice reading using a variety of strategies. The exchange of reading activities amongst schools while preparing children for the inter school reading bonds, opens new doors of teaching and learning for the art of reading.
Beaconhouse Main Campus Multan organized the *Inter -Cluster Budding Readers English and Urdu Competition* for Kindergartners on Thursday, March 31st, 2023.
The results are as follow;
*Inter-School English Budding Readers Competition*
1st Position: Officers Colony Early Years and Girls Campus Multan
2nd Position: Cantt Campus, Multan
3rd Position: Main Campus, Multan
*Inter-School Urdu Budding Readers Competition*
1st Position: Main Campus, Multan
 2nd Position: Officers Colony Early Years and Girls Campus Multan
3rd Position: Cantt Campus, Multan
We congratulate all the enthusiastic participants, their teachers and parents on such an amazing event.
Congratulations to Multan Cluster! 🎉

Main Campus celebrated Cultural Diversity of Pakistan !
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Cultural Day is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity that exists within your community. It also helps us to affirm cultural harmony in a preview of the multitude of cultures in our region. Celebrating our traditions helps keep you grounded in your own culture while adapting to a new one.

“Difference is the essence of humanity. The difference is an accident of birth and it should therefore never be the source of hatred or conflict. The answer to difference is to respect it. Therein lies a most fundamental principle of peace: respect for diversity.” – John Hume.

Beaconhouse Main Campus, Multan organized a ‘Cultural Day’ to teach our children the key values of a different culture because we believe that cultural awareness is a powerful means of promoting peaceful co-existence among the pupils and respect for other people’s cultures in society. Students were divided into groups representing the diversity that exists in our homeland. Children displayed colorful dresses, provincial cuisine, folk music, and dances and festivals celebrated not only in each province but within each province as well.

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Beaconhouse Main Campus, Multan hosted its Annual Sports Event, ATHLETACON, a two-day mega event that brought together students from Early Years till Grade 10.

The DHA sports complex was the perfect venue for the event and provided a great atmosphere for everyone.

The event got off to an exciting start with an oath taking ceremony that was followed by colorful balloons released into the air. It was a great way to kick off an amazing day of sports activities at Athletacon!

Athletacon featured section wise races and stunning performances like Zumba, Soft ball Gymnastics and Karate Drills that had everyone on their feet. To add to the excitement, there were teachers and parents races as well.

Parents were ecstatic to watch their children participate in various activities and cheered them on throughout the day. There was a food court set up as well where parents could grab a bite while watching their children compete in different activities.


Certificates and trophies were distributed to participants and winners at the end of each race, which added to the excitement of every student.

The two day Mega Event was a great success. It was an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their athletic skills and talent.


Teachers’ Music Idol Cluster 13
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The Beaconhouse Main Campus hosted BSS Teachers’ Music Idol Cluster 13 Round – 2 on Wednesday, March 8, 2023.
The participants who had qualified from other Campus based competition held on March 2, 2023 participated in this competition.

Mrs. Asifa Tareen, the Cluster Conveyer, Mr. Zohaib Fiaz, the experienced music teacher from OCC Campus and Mr. Anwar Rockas from Cantt Campus formed the jury.

The decision for the best performances rested with the esteemed judges.

The enthusiastic participants mesmerized the audience with their exuberant performances of melodious Pakistani songs.
Mr. Ijaz Pervaiz from OCC Senior Campus with his fabulous singing and super performance stole the show and stood first. Mr. Nadeem Abdullah from Cantt Campus enticed the judges and achieved the 2nd position whereas Mr. Qasim Ansari from Main Campus achieved the 3rd position.

The participants were awarded certificates. A group photo with all the heads of the Multan Cluster, 13 branches to capture the phenomenal moment.

Early Years New Block Inauguration
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The inauguration ceremony of Early Years New Block was held on Tuesday, March 4, 2023. The newly built Early Years block was officially inaugurated by the Regional Director Mr. Majid Ali Qureshi accompanied by Mr. Rana Asad Masood, Senior Manager of Business Development.

The guests were presented with flowers followed by a tour of the Early Years block highlighting the facilities of the new building. The day was made memorable by tree plantation by Mr. Majid Ali Qureshi.

The programme began with a Welcome note by Ms.Quratulain Hayat, Section Head Early Years and Primary Section.

The presence of distinguished dignitaries, Multan Cluster Campus Heads, teachers and the students made the event even more spectacular.

The programme started with the energetic welcome performance by the tiny tots of Early Years followed by a radiant performance by Lower Primary’s choir stars.

Students of Upper Primary presented a wonderful Mime on the importance of trees in our surroundings followed by a melodic medley by Early Years students.

Mr. Majid Ali Qureshi presented the prize to the winner of World Monologue Games 2022, Rameen Khakwani from class 5, who’s outstanding performance not only made her school proud but also presented Pakistan internationally. Rameen won a Silver medal in the World Monologue Games finals 2022 for the tigers category on the global level.

Mr. Majid Ali Qureshi appreciated Simra Munim of Class 7 for her outstanding achievement for securing 1st position in International Child Art Competition and exhibition organized by Discovering New Artists (DNA)
Simra received cash prize of 10,000/- along with a Gold Medal from the organizers.

Last but not the least, Ms. Rubina Badar received a certificate for securing the highest GPA of 4.6 in Pakistan Studies in Matriculation results 2023.

In the end, Mr. Majid Ali Qureshi shared his precious thoughts with the audience and was presented with a momento by the esteemed Principal Ms. Asifa Tareen and Section Head of Early Years and Primary Ms.Quratulain Hayat.

The event concluded with the address by Ms. Asifa Tareen, the Principal Main Campus Multan.

Intra-Cluster Art bout Competition
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 “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” – George Bernard Shaw

Beaconhouse Main Campus organized the final round of Intra Cluster Art Competition Comic Bout, 2023 for Classes 6 to 8.

The students who were the winners of the first round of the Comic Bout participated in the final round with full zeal and zest.

The young artists were challenged to demonstrate their creativity and innovation on the theme: The Undiscovered Universe.
They were required to draw a comic and develop a story related to the theme.

The participants from all Beaconhouse Campuses of Multan were given a splendid outdoor environment to pour out their imagination in spritely comic colors.

Ms. Mamoona, lecturer of Arts and Graphics Design Department from the NFC University, and Ms. Sobia Hussain from BSS Main Campus were the esteemed judges.

Theme Opening: The Pet Show
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The sight of adorable pets along with enthusiastic children showing them off is a treat for any onlooker. Pet Shows are a great way for school children to show their love and care for their pets and also give them an opportunity to learn how to take responsibility. Pet shows integrate fun, education, and healthy competition which makes them all the more enjoyable.
The Pet show as Theme Opening of KG classes at Beaconhouse Main Campus Multan was one such example.
This particular pet show brought cats, dogs, turtles, and birds, together in one place to give children the opportunity to learn more about different types of animals who have made their way into their lives as beloved family members. Children gathered around with joyous faces as they took turns coming up to the cages, cooing at the lovable critters inside.
It was an exciting event for kids and pets alike — making for an unforgettable experience that highlighted the importance of compassion for all creatures great and small.

Global Dignity Day
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The third Wednesday of October recognizes Global Dignity Day. The initiative educates & inspires youth to help them better understand their self-worth. The day also taps into the values of kindness, understanding, tolerance, and compassion.

We define dignity as the state or quality of being worthy of honor and respect. The primary principles of Global Dignity Day include:

  • The right of every human being to live a dignified life
  • Access to health care, education, income, and security to help reach one’s full potential
  • The freedom to make decisions about one’s life
  • Dignity as the guiding factor for every action
  • Our dignity is interdependent with the dignity of others.

All of these factors point to one mission. The mission of Global Dignity Day is “to unite everyone with the belief that we all deserve to live a life of dignity.”


Beconhouse defence campus celebrated Dignity Day with all the zeal and zest keeping Respect and Motivation alive for everyone.

Orientation Session 2022
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An orientation session was held for parents and students of grade 8 who would be moving to grade 9. The session was an insight about the Cambridge Curriculum as well as getting to know about the different subjects offered. Teachers had prepared wonderful presentations and interacted with parents and students, answering their queries and clearing their confusions.


The session was also about underage driving. Principal Shireen Karamally shared her sorrow and discussed how Rehan Iqbal and Dawood Omer, shook our world by leaving us untimely for their heavenly abode. On 6th May we all heard the tragic news of the horrifying car accident in which we lost two of our young students. The news devastated students and teachers alike; for the grieving families it was an irreplaceable loss. They were the best of friends in life, always together- and now together forever.

Many lives are shattered due to underage drivers going for a joyride in the vehicles of their parents or older relatives. We are aware of many unlicensed drivers going for a short drive – but often overlook the nature of the risks and the consequences to these youngsters. Parents are urged to familiarize themselves with the risks associated with underage driving.
Beaconhouse Defence Campus took the initiative of calling Dr Salman Zubair, who is a road safety ambassador to make students and parents aware of the hazards of reckless and underage driving.

Follow the link below to learn about road safety rules:

Top 18 Road Safety Rules To Teach Your Students

Grade VIIIs STEAM project with International Collaboration
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The energy crisis is the concern that the world’s demands on the limited natural resources that are used to power industrial society are diminishing as the demand rises. These natural resources are in limited supply. While they do occur naturally, it can take hundreds of thousands of years to replenish the stores.

Our Middle Schoolers were praised by their school mates, teachers, visitors and guest speaker Dr. Rana Asif. Moreover, Russian teachers and students virtually visited the project work of each group, asked questions, and appreciated their efforts.

Students were given certificates and were encouraged to present to Russian students who joined the culmination online with their teacher Miss Olga. It was a great learning experience for students as they were confident and well-prepared to present their projects in which they came up with energy crisis solution as well.

Developing Reflective Practitioners
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Reflective practice is, in its simplest form, thinking about or reflecting on what you do. It is closely linked to the concept of learning from experience, in that you think about what you did, and what happened, and decide from that what you would do differently next time. Reflective practice is an active, dynamic action-based and ethical set of skills, placed in real time and dealing with real, complex and difficult situations.

Developing Reflective Practitioners (DRP) Course for Cluster 24 was conducted by the Instructional Coaches, Ms Talat Siddiqui & Ms Hina Tariq This course is another step towards the continuous professional development of teachers and will help to further refine their teaching practice in order to develop the required 21st century skills among our learners which will make them successful individuals in future.

Earth Saviours
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Earth and the resources of earth make life possible on it. If we were to imagine our lives without these resources, that would not be possible. As life cannot function without sunshine, air, vegetation, and water. However, this is soon going to be our reality if we do not save the earth now.

The Annual Sports Day ‘Earth Saviours’ for our Early Years & Lower Primary students was held on 23rd & 24th February 2022. Active participation of students was seen quite evident as they spread the message of saving the earth, protecting endangered animals, keeping the environment clean & maintaining healthy hygiene. All the races and aerobic displays revolved around this theme.

Trip to WWF
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Ms Kiran Zaidi, the geography teacher 9-F senior school planned a trip to WWF Wetlands to explore and study the mangrove ecosystem was indeed very informative. It was the best learning opportunity for mangroves. From the outset during the visit, it was evident that the mangrove fields needed rehabilitation. Unless the mangroves are rehabilitated, the ecosystem within Karachi will also be equally affected. The neglect of this environmental feature is evident throughout the portions that we visited and studied.
It is also crucial to mention that mangroves are important carbon sinks when compared to natural inland forests. Mangroves play an important role of up taking pollutants channeled into the marine environment. After testing the gulf waters, the results indicated that they were highly saline. This is a major threat to the growth and development of mangroves. However, there are still many opportunities to improve or boost the current level in the growth of mangroves.

The Geography Department at Beaconhouse Defence Campus with the support and encouragement from our Senior Mistress Ms .Rukhsana and Principal Ms. Shireen Karamali ,arranged a field trip for grade IXs, to the mangrove forest managed by the WWF Wasteland Centre.

We took two sections per day accompanied by two teachers and a support staff. The moment we reached the location, students were overwhelmed by the spectacular site managed by WWF. They visually saw what they were learning from the books. They planted mangrove saplings and did a beach cleaning activity. The best thing the students enjoyed was the Mangrove Trail.
The students not only learnt about the mangroves, what they learnt more was empathy, collaboration and analytical skills.


The Art Exhibition 2022
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Art is a diverse range of human activity, created through an expression of skill or imagination. The Art Exhibition 2022 was held on 24th February for 2 days, by senior school. Our talented students conceptualized ideas through technical proficiency, beauty and emotional power.

Ms Zainab Taj, facilitates and motivates the love of art in students. Students are encouraged to think out of the box and look beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Where words fail, art communicates. The creativity was not only seen in the work of students, but also the way it had been displayed in our very own Gym. The decor and ambiance added to the aura of creativity.

Teachers and students visited the gallery and left impressed and awe_struck. Memories were captured not only through the camera, but also in a comment journal, that everyone filled with beautiful comments. Our Regional Director Mr Syed Ammar Haider alongwith our CEO Mr Kasim Kasuri graced the occasion and left leaving wonderful comments.

Mr Khusro Subzwari, a self- taught artist, who has been passionate for art since his childhood, was the guest of honour. He motivated each student to pursue arts, and gave them valuable tips to help them improve their skills. Our young artists were overwhelmed with thrill and felt proud with the recognition that Beaconhouse provided to them. Good luck on their future endeavors !

    (status = publish)

A much awaited event TRADE FAIR & BONFIRE was organized by Senior Section (Commerce Department).

The event focused on teaching the students the dynamics of running a business, which includes setting a name, creating a logo, building a team, making marketing material, managing supply chain and financial budgeting.

There were six food and game stalls named: Chaska Express (XI A), Foodie Junction (XIB), Desi Hut (XA), Waffle Mania (XB), Legendicious (IXA) and Snack Attack (IXB)

There were three Entrepreneurs stalls too named: Creatifact (customised pens & key chains), glamming glitter ( cookies and resin art) and Ice (jewellery).

Trade Fair 2022 had 6 awards categorised as:
1. Best business plan won by XIB
2. Highest Profit won by IX A
3. Best marketing strategy won by IX B
4. Best brand name and logo won by XA
5. Highest Return on Investment won by XB
6. Best stall won by XI A

The event was followed by a small live performance by Shayan & Shahzaib.

We are proud of our Students and Commerce Department for setting up such a successful event.

Defence Campus Universal Synergy
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Defence Campus Universal Synergy (DCUS) was held on 19th February 2022. Our signature event, once again was a success. Our world, our problems, our solutions!
We here at Defence Campus believe in empowering our students to create solutions for tomorrow’s challenges!
Renowned judges graced the occasion and left impressed by the talent and skills of our students.
Beaconhouse campuses and other schools participated in this brilliant competition.
Beaconhouse Defence Campus proudly won the Voices Segment in which students passionately articulated their thoughts and feelings.

History Project Culmination
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Believing in Students’ Agency, we at BSS Defence Campus provided a platform to Grade 6 students for their History Project Culmination to display their talents and learning outside the class. The students prepared their History projects and presented them through characterization from Ancient Civilizations.

Grade 5 students were invited to witness the event as a part of promoting progression to shorten the gap between primary and middle sections. Grade 5 students were given an opportunity to participate in an activity by writing their names in ancient languages.


The Twin City Declarena 2022
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‘For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument and debate’.
Margaret Heffernan
The Twin City Declarena 2022–an Inter-School Bilingual Declamation Competition hosted by BSS Tipu Sultan Campus on 6 October 2022 was indeed a sight to behold. Teams from different campuses and institutions of the Twin Cities were welcomed to be a part of the battle of wits and words.
Each team comprised of 4-student speakers who argued with eloquence and lucidity. The judges were greatly impressed by the zealous orators’ admirable performance and exhibition of excellent public speaking skills-also manifesting their appreciation towards the participants for their immaculate style.
In addition to the bells and whistles, this event held great importance in promoting competition and sportsmanship among the students of these institutions and to allow the youth of today to push forward to surpass their limits.
At the culmination of the competition, the winners were awarded trophies and appreciation certificates.

Tipu Sultan Aces Chess
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“No one has ever won a game by resigning.”
                                                                   -Savielly Tartakower
Chess is a board game of wit, intelligent moves and presence of mind. Interestingly enough, originally called as chaturanga meaning ‘four divisions of army’, this game has no wonder not lost its appeal and is still played exuberantly by the elite and the intellectuals of today.
In the recent held Chess Intra Regional Tournament, our TSC brainiac Mohad Bilal of 8A surprised and revivified us with his ever so brilliant and intelligent moves while at the game. He secured 3rd place which is a commendable achievement in itself. We are all very proud of you. Keep shining!

Pakistan’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration at Tipu Sultan Campus
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بغیر اس کے کہاں ممکن تھی شناخت میری
میرا ملک ہے میرے شجرہٕ نسب کی طرح

Independence Day holds the most special place in the Pakistanis’ hearts. Our ancestors have given their lives and blood to get independence. We as a nation always stay together and celebrate the blessing given to us as independence.

Therefore, all of the TSC students came together on 18th August 2022 to commemorate Pakistan’s 75th anniversary of independence while filled with patriotic fervour. They proudly displayed their love for the country through the singing of national anthems, raising the flag, heartfelt speeches, and display of flag art as they beamed with pride.
There were several performances that the students enjoyed thoroughly. Unity in Diversity message was beautifully depicted by Primary students through a cultural performance. Cultural music and dance of all 4 provinces was presented to showcase the diversity in the culture of all 4 provinces. The performance culminated on a patriotic note, where the school choir sang national songs portraying unity in Pakistan.
Another performance from Senior Students was based on the sacrifices made by our forefathers in order to gain freedom and how our children can play their part in making our country successful through their hard work and achievements.
Starting the new academic session on a patriotic note brought a sense of patriotism to our students and acted as a motivation booster to keep them inspired the whole year.

Pakistan Zindabad!
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TSC- Senior School’s students outshone at the Convention Center, Islamabad for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations while embarking Pakistan’s 75th year of Independence. This has been an event of momentous proportion and a life-time experience for them which could be recounted many years from now on wards.

Amidst all the rapture of joy, it was a moment to ponder for the young talent of the country  to review the setbacks and the achievements of the year. Now it is up to the children, the youth that they should not forget what our ancestors underwent to have us breathe on the land of freedom where many lives had been lost in its struggle. Therefore, this event had turned out to be the food of thought for our young children so that they could brace themselves and become significant in life. We undoubtedly believe in their potential and will maintain the legacy of BSS by providing many more opportunities for the students which will serve as a catalyst to boost up their morale and instill in them the drive to work for their nation.

Special thanks to Ms. Anila Shah as the Event Coordinator  for taking this humongous task upon herself to let the students be a part of the grand ceremony. It was an indeed a great performance!



Annual Prize Distribution 2021-2022
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Annual Prize Distribution was held in Tipu Sultan Campus on Wednesday, 7th June 2022 to celebrate students’ achievements in Academics during the Session 2021-2022.
The ceremony was attended by enthusiastic parents of Award winners who bore witness to this moment of pride for the first time after COVID. High Achievers were acknowledged for their remarkable performance in academics by presenting them with shields, certificates, and books. The beaming faces of awardees showed promise of excelling in the future.
If you can dream it, you can do it. Your limits are all within yourself.  – Brian Tracy
We wish our students all the best for the next year and may our children continue to excel and make us all proud.
Congratulations once again!

Annual Prize Distribution 2021-2022
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Learning Festival 2022
    (status = draft)

Learning Festival was held in Tipu Sultan Campus on Monday, 28th February 2022 with full spirits.

The event featured a range of activities for children and parents, aimed at enhancing parental involvement in children’s development and learning. Beaconhouse firmly believes in the importance of the formative years in a child’s development and education, therefore, parents were encouraged to take part in a wide range of interesting and interactive activities together with their children that were planned in the festival.

The festival had a lot of ongoing as well as timed activities and performances to entertain and involve the children and their parents.  It had performances, displays, stalls, panel discussions, and model lessons.

Three panel discussions held in the event were:

  • Parents’ Role in a Child’s Holistic Development by Primary Level: The role of the parent is to provide encouragement, support, and access to activities that enable the child to master key developmental tasks. A parent is their child’s first teacher and should remain their best teacher throughout life. Parents offer their children love, acceptance, appreciation, encouragement, and guidance. They provide the most intimate context for the nurturing and protection of children as they develop their personalities and identities and also as they mature physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially.
  • COVID – Lessons learned and way forward prepared by TSC Senior School: The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed more than 1.5 million lives globally, and resulted in the worst global recession since the Second World War. As the coronavirus pandemic rapidly swept across the world, it induced a considerable degree of fear, worry, and concern in the population at large and among certain groups in particular, such as older adults, care providers and people with underlying health conditions. We have learned to practice self-care in a multitude of ways during the pandemic as we were forced to adjust to new work schedules, changes in our daily life routines, and cut back on socializing. We all started seeking out new strategies to counter the stress and anxiety.
  • Value Added Parenting by Early Years: Beaconhouse consists of a vast majority of parents who are deliberate about raising a happy and fulfilling child, who make intentional efforts to improve their parenting style. They engage and groom children directly and sometimes indirectly through their daily activities with their children.

Student Performances included:

  • Zorba Display: Zorba, a Greek dance is today one of the most popular dances in Greece and globally widespread. Students of Class II presented Zorba.
  • Nun Chucks: Nun-chucks is a weapon that consists of two sticks joined by a short length of cord or chain. The crowd was entertained by Nunchucks performance by the students of grade II.
  • Yoga Display: Yoga, which is introduced in the Early Years, and students are taught various formations. Children of Pre- Nsy to KG participated in Yoga Display.
  • Karate Display: Karate strengthens the mind, develops composure, a clearer thought process, deeper insight into one’s mental capabilities, and more self-confidence. It strengthens the entire body, improves coordination, quickens reflexes, builds stamina and overall health. An amazing Karate display was presented by the students of Primary Level.
  • Aerobics: Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness! Aerobic exercise is very important for children. It helps keep their hearts, lungs, and blood vessels healthy. It can also help them keep or get to a healthy weight.So let us get ready for an energetic aerobic display by students of grade I.

    This will be followed by a wonderful Display by our Nursery students.

  • Choir Presentations: Singing in choir provides a sense of real belonging, offers new opportunities for learning, encourages student engagement, and also promotes civic engagement. So let us put our hands together for our choir and enjoy the melodious songs.
  • Developing Effective Language Skills
  • Every social interaction gives students a new opportunity to practice language. Some of our students might need a little guidance from you to engage in conversations, so spark interactions whenever you can. Ask questions, rephrase the student’s answers, and give prompts that encourage oral conversations to continue. Unfortunately, students don’t instinctively know how to have a good conversation. There are many barriers to communicating effectively, but communication is a skill that can be taught. So join us in the auditorium for a discussion conducted by HM Early Years, Ma’am Saba on how to develop effective language skills.

Chef Corner

Our Team Cuisine is busy in preparing some delicious food items in the Chef Corner in the courtyard.

Ladies, Kids and Gentlemen, you can visit Chef Corner in the courtyard to see what our Team Cuisine is preparing for you.

Arts & Craft Corner

  • Be creative and innovative at Arts and Craft Corner in the courtyard.
  • All the creative kids can visit Arts and Craft Corner in the courtyard to showcase their artistic skills.

Face Painting

  • Get a glittering tattoo on your face at Face painting Corner in the courtyard.
  • If you want to get a cute/beautiful tattoo on your face, then visit Face painting Corner in the courtyard.

Model Lessons

BSS teachers use interactive and collaborative teaching techniques where students are kept engaged through a variety of activities. In order to give you a gist of our everyday lessons in our classroom, our teachers have planned some model lessons.

Beaconhouse believes in providing a conducive learning environment to its students, where they learn by, exploring, collaborating, researching, creating and sharing ideas.

We are providing you and opportunity to have such learning experience in our model lessons.

Story Telling

Storytelling brings language learning alive and creates a participatory and immersive experience that allows Young Learners to enjoy hearing the language in a dynamic, sometimes stylistic and entertaining way.

Our imagination is now going to be triggered through a story telling session which is going to commence in the Library on the first floor. Children are encouraged to proceed to the library, parents are welcome to join them as well.

The purpose of the Learning Festival was to celebrate learning by showcasing a range of curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities available at BSS Tipu Sultan Campus.


Drama Festival 2022
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Primary students of Tipu Sultan Campus were given a great opportunity to display their talent through performing art is Drama Festival on 24th February 2022 at the TSC Auditorium.
All the sections of Grade III, IV, and V presented their performances, which included folktales, fairytales. mimes, and dance performances. The students and teachers put their best efforts, coming up with mesmerizing performances that led to building confidence and eliminating stage fear in our students and the best part of this event was 100% participation of the students from all the levels and sections.

Performing Arts is a strong medium of communication that develops dramatic skills and promotes acting ability among students. Learning music, dance and drama have wide-reaching benefits for the students. It provides them with the tools to enhance creativity and innovation and also develops acceptance for diverse cultures and backgrounds.
Furthermore, performing arts also develop emotional intelligence in students, nurturing a creative mind and fostering personalities and imagination as our students make their journey towards becoming happy and well-rounded individuals.

Speech is the power: to persuade, to covert and to compel!
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Accomplishments give a sense of confidence and encouragement.
Our senior school students made us proud yet again by competing in MUN held at Beaconhouse Potohar Campus Islamabad. It was a unique and challenging experience for our students as it was their first appearance at such a platform. Competing against 25-30 member delegates from the different schools and winning is indeed a victory to be cherished.
Special thanks to Mr. Azhar Iqbal( Debating Coach) for his untiring and pertinacious effort to lead our students in the right direction to success.
Following students need special mention for bringing laurels to our school:
Zarrish Fatima – Outstanding Diplomacy Award
Daniyal – Outstanding Diplomacy Award
Fatima Raza – Honorary Mention
Khadija Aneeq – Honorary Mention
Maria Ali Asghar – Honorary Mention
Kudos to all the winners!

IKLC 2022
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It is nice to have competition; it pushes you to do better.
—Gianni Versache
Our brilliant linguists from Grade 6-8 aced yet again in IKLC held recently where 3 bronze medals were won by our champions. The rest of the students received participation certificates along with two-star, three-star badges and pens.
Special thanks to our trainer teachers Ms. Sabeen Saeed and Ms. Rehana Saqib who have had conducted practice sessions with them prior to their final assessment.

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Fantasia A- Rhapsody

Students of Class II and III presented their Annual Play “Fantasia A-Rhapsody”, A Multi Lingual Musical Presentation. From mesmerizing choir to energetic performances, the play was a captivating experience for the audience. Parents were taken on a journey to fantastical realms. Boasting with confidence and thrilled to be on the stage in front of their parents, the students did a remarkable job! The chief guest of the event Ms. Hina Saeed (Manager Professional Development and School Improvement at Beaconhouse Group) admired the efforts of the young and dynamic artists and melodious singers.

Spark Tank Middle School 2023
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Spark Tank Middle School 2023

‘If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door’ Milton Berle

Beaconhouse School System has introduced Spark Tank, a student incubator that will provide the aspiring student entrepreneurs with the resources and support they need to turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses.

There were applicants for two categories:

1.Applicants who wanted to turn their idea into a business (pitch application) ages 10-16yrs

2.Applicants who have already set up a business (exhibit application) ages 10-16yrs

The first SparkTank Event was held on 28th April, 2023 in the TNS Gulberg, Lahore.

We take immense pleasure to announce that two of our students from Middle School, BSS Walton Campus were selected for each category.

1. Muhammad Abu-Bakar (6.Green)

Category: Pitch

Abubakar presented his innovative idea of an online business of selling and buying used books for the parents and left the panelists spellbound with his eloquence and confidence. The audience applauded the young entrepreneur for his vision and calculated business proposal.

2.Aminah Eiman (6.Violet)

Category: Exhibit

Aminah Eiman, a young entrepreneur, founder of a small business Minamark, was selected for taking an initiative to revive reading habits in children through aesthetically handcrafted bookmarks made out of recycling material. Aminah exhibited her exclusive collection with her partner Aima Yasin (6.Violet)

We wish both our students success in their future endeavors.

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English Declamation Contest Class I

An elocution competition is the art of public speaking that gives us
Self-boost and confidence to speak in front of a large audience to enable children to create a connect with the audience who is listening to them.
Annual English Speech Competition was held at Lower Primary for Class I.
The topic given to them was ‘Share Your Similarities and Celebrate Your Differences’.
The following orators won the top positions.
Alaya Atif of I Silver, Jahanzaib Maan of I Yellow, Anaya Fatima of I Gold and Aimmah Wasif of I pink secured Consolation Prize.
Hashim Adeel of I White, Shaamil Badar of I Violet, Amal Mehboob of I Red and Sarah Musab of I Blue secured 3rd Position.
Waniya Farhan of I Blue, Mahad Mohsin of I Silver and Fatima Haseeb of I Yellow stood 2nd.
Zahra Hassan of I Green and Maham Aftab of I Pink stood 1st.
We admire your determination, students!

English Speech Competition Class II 2023
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English Speech Competition Class II 2023

Public speaking allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change. Without communication skills, the ability to progress in the working world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible.
To foster confidence and communication skills amongst students, Annual English Declamation Contest was oraganised for students of Lower Primary Class II. The topic given to them was ‘Be the Change You Wish to See’
It was amazing to hear our wonderful orators delivering their content.
The following speech makers secured top positions
• Amsah Saeed (II Green) and Zayan Mehmood (II Yellow) stood First.
• Mustafa Sabir (II White) and Eshal Faisal (II Blue) Stood Second.
• Araiz Ali Shah (II Green), Khadija Abdur Rehman (II Red) and Zoeya Umair (II Yellow) secured Third position.
• Ayesha Somer and Ateeb Shahzad of II Gold won the Consolation Prize.
Well done students, we are proud of you all!

Cultural Day 0n 3rd March 2023 Walton Campus
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Cultural Day:     Let’s Take a Walk through Our Roots

Cultural Days are a national celebration of arts and culture. The students learn the importance of local arts and culture through such events. The main goal of the Cultural Day is to appreciate and support the heritage and culture of Pakistan. Keeping this in view “Cultural Week was celebrated at Beaconhouse Walton Campus, Lahore from 1st March 2023.
Parents and families of students of Pre-Nsy to Class 2 were invited to celebrate the cultures of Pakistan on an Open Day titled:
Let’s Take a Walk through Our Roots on Friday, 3rd March 2023.
Lots of fun filled activities, games, traditional Putli Tamasha, art activities, role plays, singing, regional dress parade, traditional and eye hand coordination games to test the skills of all along with the appetizing food stalls to excite everybody’s palate were set up. A face painting corner added a dash of colour along with many more surprises.
Parents and children came wearing traditional dresses of Pakistan (Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, KPK and Gilgit Baltistan) to participate in the ramp walk.
Parents along with their children set up stalls of Kulfi, Gol Ghappa, Cotton Candy, popcorns, Haleem, Dahi Bhalle, Biryani, homemade cookies/cupcakes/sandwiches/desserts etc .The purpose behind this activity was to ensure that our students learn entrepreneurship by assisting their parents in preparing/selling items and handling cash as “Little Entrepreneurs.”
Number of presentations depicting the different cultures of Pakistan were staged by students and were thoroughly enjoyed/appreciated by the parents.
All enjoyed the festivities of the day since it was a very entertaining family event at Walton Campus!

Earthquake Drill at Walton Campus
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Earthquake Drill

Safety drills are key to increasing employees’ and students’ knowledge of how to respond to an emergency .They help prepare individuals to respond quickly, calmly, confidently, and safely should an actual critical incident God forbid take place.
Regular safety drills are an integral part of each academic session at BSS. Keeping in view the recent devastating Earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.8 in Turkey and Syria resulting in loss of thousands of lives, school conducted an Earthquake Mock Drill on 9th Feb’2023. Before the drill, principal through the main PA system informed students and staff the standard operating procedures(SOPs) to be undertaken. Crises Response Team members( CRT) were instructed to explain to students the importance of ” Drop, Cover and Hold On.” On instructions of the principal assuming that the ” ground shaking has stopped” , evacuation was conducted following the exit routes safely.
The elder students were guided to help Early Years students in evacuating by taking them along as “buddies.”
Emergency kits & School Directory/water and First Aid supplies were ensured during the drill. All students were guided stepwise to ensure their safety and exit routes were told to them for a safe evacuation.

Sports Gala 2022-23
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Sports Gala 2022-23

“The only one who can tell you ‘You can’t win’ is you and you don’t have to listen.” Jessica Ennis-Hill
Beaconhouse Walton Campus held its Annual Sports Gala at Ayub Stadium, on 4th February, 2023 with 100% student participation. The programme begun with the Torch Bearing Ceremony followed by the welcome note by the principal Ms. Tehmina Lodhi. The theme of the event was ‘Only One Earth’. The Principal, Ms. Tehmina Lodhi and the worthy Chief Guest Mr. Tariq Quershi (Director General Sports and Youth Affairs Punjab), Ms.Tania Mallick (PCB Head of Women’s Cricket) and Cricketer Salman Agha, took the salutation of the incredible Athlete Walk by all participants. The well-coordinated Karate display, expertly synchronized Aerobics, stellar Gymnastic and lively P.T Display delighted the audience. Once the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of vivacity for the young athletes. The event ended with a Tug of War by Middle School children. The winners of all races were awarded with medals by the Chief Guests.

Frosty Fun in EY at Walton Campus
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Frosty Fun

Recreational activities have always added a fun element to the academic routine of a student’s life. In this regard, Beaconhouse Waton Campus organized the Frosty Fun, a colorful and enticing event, on January 27, 2023, for Pre-Nursery students and their mothers. Adventure and fun were the main themes of this Frosty Fun which featured thrilling games, food vendors, kid-friendly activities, and much more fun. This event offered a variety of attractions for both participants and spectators. Students danced to various songs about the winter season. The audience was mesmerized by the performances, and the energy was infectious. The entire space was filled with laughter, merriment, and feelings of joy. As the kids and their mothers participated in the Frosty Fun, it was beautiful to see their joyful expressions. 

Annual Sports Day 2022-23 Early Years Section
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Annual Sports Day 2022-23 Early Years Section


To generate healthy minds in healthy bodies, sports are given due space in our curriculum right from the Early Years. The much awaited event of the session, the Annual Sports Gala of Early Years Section was held on 3rd December 2022 in a lively and frolicsome atmosphere.

Hundred percent student participation from all the three levels was ensured. The ambiance presented a welcoming and pleasing environment, depicting the theme of “Sports” itself in the most age appropriate, vibrant and inspiring manner.

The programme was held in two segments and each segment began with the recitation of the verses of Holy Quran followed by the address of Campus Principal, Mrs. Tehmina Lodhi who welcomed the esteemed gathering and emphasized upon the importance of sports in a child’s life. The event kicked off with the heartwarming March Past of our energetic participants in their colourful costumes representing their participation in various displays and races. A well-coordinated Hula Hoop display set the tone for the rest of the event. The students of all three levels presented Karate Displays mesmerizing the audience with their energetic performances. PT Displays and Gymnastics kept the parents at the edges of their seats. Once the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes. Keeping up with the philosophy of Early Years Education, each and every tiny tot’s effort was acknowledged in the form of a medal. Mr. Shajar Abbas, the fastest athlete of Pakistan and Mr Salman Iqbal Butt, Director World Athletics Asia Region graced the events respectively with their presence as chief guests.


Educational Visits at Upper Primary
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Class 3 Students from Walton Campus visit the National Museum of Science and Technology 

Grade III students witnessed the scientific laws in action on their trip to National Museum of Science and Technology. Students enjoyed visiting different galleries of scientific machines, biology, and astrology. Science awareness leads to research, inquiry and generation of new ideas among students. It
enlightened their thoughts as processes of science are intertwined with their applications all around us.

Class 4 Students from Walton Campus visit the Lahore Museum 

During the educational trip of Grade IV to Lahore Museum in connection with their current ‘topic:
History of Masharti Aloom, sudents explored the artefacts displayed in the museum and accumulated
knowledge about the transitional stages in the history of mankind.

Class 5 Students from Walton Campus visit the Lahore Fort

It was the time for the annual school trip for Class V students at Upper Primary, Walton Campus. Lahore Fort could not have been a better place for the youngsters to learn about the Mughal architecture, heritage and culture which ties fittingly with the concepts relating to the Mughal era taught in their classes. The massive Picture Wall at the entrance to the Fort decorated with a vibrant array of glazed tile and mosaics enthralled the students to no end at it while the majestic Alamgiri gate and the colossal stone steps sent the students in rapture, especially when they learnt that they were used by elephants. Other noteworthy, places seen by the students were the museum at the fort which contained numerous relics of that period and the Dewan-e-Khaas. After the grand tour, the children were ready to sit down for a hearty lunch and some relaxing play time with friends. It couldn’t get better than that!



Hello world!
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Welcome to Beaconhouse School Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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“SMILE” _ transports me to a world beaming with smiles all around. Smile, to me is like fairy dust, which once showered, instantly energizes the whole environment. Without smile this world would’ve been a painting, bright and colorful yet lifeless and dull as a statue.
Is it not the charizma of a smile that instantly connects total strangers and the dawn of a new relationship breaks in???
Smile is a peacefully flowing river, meandering through the plains, while the golden rays of the sun beam over the horizon. It offers, its many selfless benefits to people willing to quench their thirst from it.
Nothing can match the beauty of a child smiling between tears just like the first bronze rays of the sun after a fresh shower.
Smile also has a certain element of melancholy to it. The smile of old parents when they bid farewell to their children to start a new life, the smile of a mother when she holds back her tears and says she’s okay, an exchange of a misty smile between two best friends after an argument and an apologetic smile when u regret having done something wrong and want to make up for it. This kind of smile has its own grace to me.
Smiling is contagious and brings positivity along, while intimidating your enemies. The power of smile is such, that it leads towards peace and harmony!

گیسوئے اردو بعنوان قصہ گوئی
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تاریخ گواہ ہے کہ ہر زبان ترویج کے مختلف مراحل سے گزرنے کے بعد اپنی بنیاد اور اہمیت رقم کرتی ہے۔اردو ترکی، فارسی، عربی اور دیگر زبانوں کے زیر سایہ پروان چڑھی اور دنیائے عالم میں چھا گئی۔آج یہ زبان اپنی مضبوط شاخوں کی مدد سے پوری دنیا میں جانی پہچانی اور بولی جاتی ہے۔

قصہ گوئی اردو ادب کی قدیم تاریخ کا حصہ اور نصاب میں شامل ایک ایسی صنف ہے جو ادب اور الفاط کے فروغ کے ساتھ ساتھ اس دور کے قصوں ،کہانیوں اور تاریخی پس منظر کی اشاعت بھی کرتا ہے۔ داستان گوئی ایک ایسا ہنر جو داستان گو کے الفاظ پر تھرکتا ہوا وہ منظر پیش کرتا ہے کہ سننے والا قصے میں محو ہو کر خود کو اس دنیا کا سمجھنے لگتا ہے۔

مردان بیکن ہاؤس اسکول کے زیر اہتمام مڈل اور سنیئر اسکول کے طلبا و طالبات نے قصہ گوئی کی صنف کی تجدید کرتے ہوئے گیسوئے اردو کے عنوان سے ایک رنگا رنگ اور خوبصورت پروگرم کا انعقاد کیا۔ پروگرام میں قصہ چار درویش کے حوالے سے پہلی بار مڈل اور سینئر اسکول کے طلبا و طالبات نےقصہ گوئی منفرد اور دلکش انداز سے پیش کی۔پروگرام کو مزید چار چاند مشاعرے نے لگائے جب بچوں نے مشہور شعرا کرام کے کلام کو اپنے خوبصورت انداز میں پیش کرتےہوئے سامعین کے دل موہ لیے۔

دیگر پروگراموں میں لوک رومانی کردار، ربن پرفارمنس مزاحیہ مضمون درد مذکر ہے یا مونث، مزاحیہ شاعری میں کلام وہ اکثر مجھ سےکہتی تھی ریاضی کچھ سکھا دو نا اور کشش کے اصول جیسے مضمون کے بہترین نمونے پیش کیےگئے ۔ موسیقی الفاظ کے اتار چڑھاؤ اور سر کے ملاپ نے ایک حسین امتزاج حاضرین و سامعین کے سامنے پیش کیا۔

بچوں کی محنت، دلچسپی اور جزبہ شوق نے پروگرام کے ہر رنگ اور مقصد کو دوبالا کردیا۔رومانی کرداروں نے رنگین  قوس قزح کی طرح محفل کو رنگین کردیا۔ قصہ گوئی کے کردار اور انداز حاضرین کی توجہ کا مرکز بنے

( مقابلہ انداز بیاں ( مباحثہ
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بیکن ہاوس سکول مردان  میں  اردو مباحثہ کا اہتمام کیا گیا ۔ مباحثہ کا عنوان ” شخصیت کی عکاسی ۔۔۔تعلیم کی بدولت یا تربیت کا اثر ۔ عنوان حقیت پر مبنی اور موجودہ حالات کی روشنی میں منتخب کیا گیا ۔جس کو طلباء اور طالبات نے بھر پور انداز میں پیش کیا

مقابلہ میں جماعت ششم تا دہم کے طلباء و طالبات نے حصہ لیا ۔مقررین کے والدین کو بھی مدعو کیا گیا ۔ تقریب میں صدارت کے فرائض رسالپور برانچ کی ایس ایل محترمہ مدیحہ سہیل اور مردان برانچ کی شازیہ رانی نے ادا کئے ۔جج صاحبان کے نتائج کے مطابق  اول دوم اور سوم پوزیشن  پر مقابلہ سخت رہا ، اور دو دو مقررین  پوزیشن کے حقدار قرار پائے ۔ سوم پوزیشن حاصل کرنے والے جماعت ہفتم کے عاموس، اور جماعت ہفتم کی فلزا قرار پائی ۔ دوم پوزیشن جماعت ششم کی رمیسہ  اور جماعت دہم کے عبدالرحمن شنواری قرار پائے۔اول پوزیشن جماعت دہم کے انفال اور ہفتم کے عمیس کریم نے حاصل کی

مباحثے کا مقصد بچوں کے لب و لہجہ ادائیگی اور زبان پر عبور کے ساتھ ساتھ ان کا انداز بیان اجاگرکرنا تھا۔ غیر نصابی صلاحیتوں کو بچوں کی شخصیت کا حصہ بنانے کے لیے ضروری ہے کہ ان کو ہر مہارت میں خود کفیل بنایا جا سکے۔ انھی کاوشوں نے بیکن ہاوس سکول کو بہترین مقررین سے متعارف کروایا۔

انسانی وقار ، عظمت، شوکت ، جاہ وجلال
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بروز 15 نومبر 2021 بیکن ہاؤس اسکول مردان میں انسانی وقار ، عظمت، شوکت ، جاہ وجلال کے نام سے ایک ایسی تقریب کا اہتمام کیا گیا جس میں گورنمنٹ اسکول کے طلباء ، بیکن ہاؤس اسکول کے پرائمری لیول سے جماعت دوم ، جماعت سوم ، جماعت چہارم اور جماعت پنجم کے طلباء کی ایک بڑی تعداد نے حصہ لے کر اسے کامیابی سے ہم کنار کرایا اور عوام الناس میں ان جذبات کو ابھارنے کی حتی الامکان کوشش کی ۔ اس کوشش کی والدین نے بے حد پذیرائی کی اور اس تقریب میں شامل ہو کر اس تقریب کے حسن کو کئی گنا بڑھا دیا۔للّٰہ تعالیٰ نے انسان کو اشرف المخلوقات بنایا اور اسے یہ اعزاز دے کر تمام خلق خدائی پر فوقیت بخش دی ۔ اب انسان پر یہ ذمہ داری عائد ہو جاتی ہے کہ وہ اپنے اس اعزاز کی لاج رکھے اور اشرف المخلوقات ہونے کے خواص پیدا کرے چنانچہ انھی خواص کو بڑھاوا دینے کے لیے بیکن ہاؤس مردان نے ایسی تقریب کا اہتمام کیا کہ جس میں انسانی وقار ، عظمت ،شوکت اور جاہ و جلال جیسے خواص نہ  صرف دکھائی دئیے بلکہ عملی طور پر لاگو ہوتے ہوئے بھی نظر آئے۔
اس تقریب میں گورنمنٹ اسکول کے طلباء کو دعوت دی گئی جنہوں نے بیکن ہاؤس کے طلباء کے ساتھ مل کر اس تقریب کو چار چاند لگائے۔ گورنمنٹ اسکول کے طلباء نے تقریب کا آغاز تلاوتِ قرآن پاک سے کرتے ہوئے پے در پے اپنی ذہانت کے جوہر دکھائے۔ کبھی اپنی مدھر آواز میں نعت خوانی کی تو کبھی نظم پیش کر کے حاضرین کے دل جیت لیے اور یہی نہیں بلکہ کھیلوں میں بھی حصہ لیتے ہوئے پر جوش جذبات کا اظہار کیا ۔ اور پوری طرح تقریب کو کامیابی سے ہم کنار کرایا۔
بیکن ہاؤس کے طلباء بھی اس تقریب کو کامیاب بنانے کے لیے کسی طرح بھی کسی سے پیچھے نہ رہے اور ہر میدان میں کامیابی کے جھنڈے گاڑتے ہوئے دکھائی دئیے۔جماعت دوم کے ننھے طلباء نے اساتذہ کو خراجِ تحسین اس انداز میں پیش کیا کہ ہر لب پر ان کی واہ واہ تھی۔ جماعت سوم کے طلباء بھی کسی طرح بھی پیچھے نہ رہے اور انھوں نے مختلف شعبہ جات کے کمالات دکھاتے ہوئے حاضرین کے دل جیت لیے ، ہر شعبے کو یکساں پذیرائی دی گئی چاہے وہ ڈاکٹر جیسا اعلی مقام ہو یا پھر معمولی موچی ہی کیوں نہ ہو ۔ ہر پیشے کے لیے طلباء نے بھرپور محنت کی اور اپنی اداکاری اور الفاظ کی جادوگری سے اسے انمول اور قابلِ محترم بنایا۔ جماعت چہارم سے طلباء نے مزدور بچوں کا روپ دھارا اور حاضرین پر یہ ثابت کرنے کی کوشش میں کامیاب رہے کہ مزدور بچے ملک کا سرمایہ ہیں اور اس سرمائے کو ضائع ہونے سے بچانے کے لیے پوری جدوجہد اور کوشش کی ضرورت ہے ۔ جماعت پنجم کے طلباء نے معاون عملے کو اسٹیج پر دعوت دیتے ہوئے ان سے آپ بیتی سنانے کی درخواست کی اور ان کے کام کو سراہتے ہوئے انھیں مختلف تحائف سے نوازا گیا۔ اسی سلسلے میں جماعت پنجم کے طلباء نے آکر خدمتِ خلق کے ان عظیم رہنماؤں کی یاد تازہ کر دی جو گو کہ آج ہمارے درمیان نہیں ہیں لیکن ان کا کام تا قیامت زندہ رہ کر انھیں ہمیشہ زندہ رکھے گا ۔ جس کی جیتی جاگتی مثال عبد الستار ایدھی کی شکل میں پیش کی گئی ۔
انسانی عظمت اور جاہ جلال کو زندہ رکھنے کی ایک چھوٹی سی کاوش گورنمنٹ اسکول اور بیکن ہاؤس مردان کے طلباء  نے اس تقریب کے ذریعے کی اور اساتذہ کسی قدر انسانی عظمت جیسے عظیم جذبے کو طلباء میں پیدا کرنے کامیاب رہے۔




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Election 2022-2023
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In its simplest form, leadership is influencing other people to follow. Therefore, anyone who can influence people to follow them has leadership qualities.Leadership happens at all levels within organizations and society, not just among those who work in defined “leadership positions.”Leadership means different things to different people, different cultures, and in different situations. But it is always a multifaceted role.Effective leadership enables followers to succeed. It sets direction, builds a vision, and adapts as circumstances require. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to “win” as a team or an organization. It’s dynamic, exciting and inspiring.

To inculcate concept of leadership Student Council 2022-23 is selected after following whole Election procedure.Students took part in whole election procedure with zeal and zest.

Elections continued for about a week.Whole school participated in Elections.Students elected their Prefects.Head Boy,Deputy Head Boy.The whole procedure ended up as wonderful experience.




Defence Day
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For every patriotic citizen of Pakistan, 6th September, Defence Day of Pakistan is most special event for any Pakistani. This day reminds a lot of ever green, memorable sacrifices, achievements belonging to this great day. This holds special importance for everyone who loves Pakistan from the core of his heart.Beaconhouse Boys Campus Sahiwal arranged ceremony to celebrate courageous moments of 6th September.Let’s crack on the event.

We were all seated on our respected seats and after an expected waiting time the event began with a few beautiful verses of the Holy Quran which was followed by its translation.Then the conductors announced a skit by grade V and VI.It was about how today’s generation doesn’t know how many people sacrificed themselves to protect Pakistan  from its neighbor’s fury.After that some beautiful voices from our school sang the song  which was honestly heartwarming.

Moving over ,next there was a role play performed by grade VI and VII on a song commemorating the dead in the fight with India,this was an amazing performance .Following that there was an acting showing the fight which occurred in Lahore,6 September 1965.The acting by senior classes was breathtaking and showed prominent acting talent in them. This was one of my personal favorite parts of the event. 

After that there was the honoring and commemorations of Army Officers who sacrificed themselves.First was M.M.Alam known for shooting down 5 IAF Air Crafts in one minute.Second,Raja Aziz Bhatti, was a Pakistan Army officer, he was awarded the Nishan-e-Haider for his actions of valor. A few other brave men were also honored. At last we sung national anthem of Pakistan,our symbol,our source of courage and enthusiasm. 


I was really astonished by the co-operation and performance of everyone who participated.The choir was filled with beautiful voices and the acting by senior students was breathtaking.Generally speaking it was an entertaining and mesmerizing event. I t was indeed remarkable day.Pakistan Zindabad!

Muhammad Rayyan Ateeq,

Class VII Silver

Beaconhouse Boys Campus Sahiwal.



Meet & Greet class IV
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Meet & Greet class IV

Keeping in mind the inevitability of keeping all stakeholders in a single loop, A Meet and Greet session was held in Beaconhouse Boys Campus Sahiwal for the newly joined class IV.
The day was pleasant with a clear weather where parents enjoyed meeting with teachers who are going to teach their children this academic year. The Meet and Greet session continued the whole working day in the colorful arena of Library where parents were briefed about syllabus outline, teaching strategies and general information regarding class.
We heartily welcome our honoured parents and their children on joining Boys Campus.
Hope to have an enthusiastic Year ahead.

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Back to School(Session 2022-23)
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Back to School


August 15 2022, a hot, sunny day. Joyful faces could be seen everywhere. 160 students from Beaconhouse Boys Campus Sahiwal, including me, sat down in shining black chairs to witness the back to school ceremony. We sat in the school’s assembly area with the carpeted and glamorous stage at the front. The teachers were all seated on the right, the students were arranged by class from left to right in an ascending order with the headmaster and the school coordinator at the front.

This is the first time in 3 long months that they have gathered here in the school and today will mark the start of academic year 2022-23.

The day began with the name of Allah and verses of the Holy Quran were recited which everyone listened to with the utmost respect and attention.

Following the recitation, I was invited to share my thoughts on a new academic year. I stood on the dais and delivered a speech welcoming the students back to school, congratulating them on the start of a new academic year and continuously stressing how important it was to explore and have fun doing it. This was followed up by a student’s patriotic speech on the importance of Pakistan and how it was above all others (Independence Day had passed on the 14th).

All the teachers introduced themselves, their names, what subjects they taught and which classes they taught. Thus the suspense about new teachers which comes with a new academic year was finally quelled.

The honorable headmaster, Mr. Jamil Ahmed, welcomed all the new admissions to school as well as those that had bifurcated into grade 4 from Beaconhouse Girls Campus. He also formally welcomed everyone back to school and congratulated both students and teachers on successfully completing a new academic year.

The ceremony ended with the melodious national anthem of Pakistan being played and everybody joining in on the singing.

It really is great to be back at school.

Muhammad Hassan Mughal,

Class IX-C Iris,

Beaconhouse Boys Campus Sahiwal.

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Back to School


August 15 2022, a hot, sunny day. Joyful faces could be seen everywhere. 160 students from Beaconhouse Boys Campus Sahiwal, including me, sat down in shining black chairs to witness the back to school ceremony. We sat in the school’s assembly area with the carpeted and glamorous stage at the front. The teachers were all seated on the right, the students were arranged by class from left to right in an ascending order with the headmaster and the school coordinator at the front.

This is the first time in 3 long months that they have gathered here in the school and today will mark the start of academic year 2022-23.

The day began with the name of Allah and verses of the Holy Quran were recited which everyone listened to with the utmost respect and attention.

Following the recitation, I was invited to share my thoughts on a new academic year. I stood on the dais and delivered a speech welcoming the students back to school, congratulating them on the start of a new academic year and continuously stressing how important it was to explore and have fun doing it. This was followed up by a student’s patriotic speech on the importance of Pakistan and how it was above all others (Independence Day had passed on the 14th).

All the teachers introduced themselves, their names, what subjects they taught and which classes they taught. Thus the suspense about new teachers which comes with a new academic year was finally quelled.

The honorable headmaster, Mr. Jamil Ahmed, welcomed all the new admissions to school as well as those that had bifurcated into grade 4 from Beaconhouse Girls Campus. He also formally welcomed everyone back to school and congratulated both students and teachers on successfully completing a new academic year.

The ceremony ended with the melodious national anthem of Pakistan being played and everybody joining in on the singing.

It really is great to be back at school.

Muhammad Hassan Mughal,

Class IX-C Iris,

Beaconhouse Boys Campus Sahiwal.


Welcome Back to School
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“Thank you for everything that you’ve accomplished so far, and good luck to everything you will in the future.”
Garrison Keillor
Class XI C farewell.
When it comes time to say goodbye to something, new things come into our lives. Change is the rule of this world. It is the character of mankind to abandon the old and adopt the new over time.
Good luck XIC

Annual Prize Distribution & High Achievers ceremony
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The Annual Prize Distribution & High Achievers ceremony for the session 2020-21 was held on March10, 2022.
Mr. Jamil Ahmad ( School Head) presented the school’s annual report, focusing on the academic, curricular and co-curricular achievements of the students.
Mr.Malik Awais Deputy commissioner of Sahiwal , Mr.Sadiq Baloch DPO Sahiwal, Mr.Asad khan Baloch Mayor of Sahiwal, Colonel Haider, Mr. Saleem Elahi former Pakistani Cricketer and Mr.Shabbir Ahmed HOD English depa…

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Class VII,VIII Trip to Khewra Mines
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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
Class VII,VIII Trip to Khewra Mines

Dareecha 2021
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“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”
Sahiwal Boys Campus stood Ist in Kasauti (Dareecha)@Beaconhouse Bahria Town Campus Lahore

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World Tourism Day
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Cantt Campus celebrated ‘World Tourism Day’ enthusiastically. The primary branch organized a physical event and the boys branch arranged a virtual event on Friday, 1st October 2021 simultaneously. The students of the primary section discussed the importance of tourism and how it affects the country socially, culturally, politically and economically whereas the boys branch had a collaboration with Beaconhouse KG & Primary Campus (Abbottabad) and Beaconhouse Primary 1 North Nazimabad Campus (Karachi) to showcase the scenic beauty of their motherland. The students were dressed up in cultural attires and they elaborated the natural beauty of their homeland through PowerPoint presentations. They also entertained the audience through a virtual tour of Pakistan.


Dignity in Action
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Cantt Campus celebrated ‘Global Dignity Day’ enthusiastically across all levels. The boys branch and the primary branch organized special morning assemblies in their respective sections on Thursday, 14th October & on Friday, 15th October 2021 simultaneously whereas the girls branch celebrated it on Wednesday, 20th October 2021. The students of the boys and the girls branch contributed generously and made ‘Happiness Boxes’ which were distributed among the domestic staff members. In the primary section, awareness sessions were also held to raise awareness among students regarding dignity and its importance.  Thematic art contest and setting up a dignity wall were some other activities which were executed on campus. The domestic staff was also served with lavish breakfast and lunch on two different days.

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Quaid e Azam Chess Championship, 2022-23
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Hyderabad is a very fascinating city when it comes to the likes of chess players, it is quite possibly the
single greatest concentration of high level players in the entire country, which is astounding considering
the meagre population it hosts within itself. However, unfitting of its reputation housing such chess
giants in the community, it lacks participation from players who are less skilled and experienced with the
sport. Aware of this gap between the levels of players, and wanting to give players who might not
otherwise have had an opportunity to participate in tournaments, the Anees Hassan School launched a
chess tournament within its parameters. With assistance from the Sindh chess Association and the
Hyderabad Chess Association, it was divided into three main categories. The Men’s under 16 section, the
Women’s under 16 section, and the open rapid championship open to everyone willing to participate.


Out of these three categories, Beaconhouse  Qasimabad Campus, participated in two of them and
subsequently won in both of them. The open was, as we can only describe it, a massacre. The second
best chess player to ever grace Pakistan participated, and represented Beaconhouse at the Open
championship. He, National Master Hafeez-ul-Rehman, won effortlessly and brought the first placement
home. However, the Men’s under 16 was much more eventful as competition was fierce. Out of the
hundred or so participants involved, only six came from our school. And yet, through trials and
tribulations, came out as the six position holders. From the first place, to sixth, all of them represented
our school and secured what could unanimously be called a victory for Beaconhouse  Qasimabad Campus.

The competition began at around 10 am, and lasted until 5 pm, lasting an egregious 7 hours throughout. Although all the six participants came from the same home soil, competition against each other was not uncommon as when in a tournament, you do not see who you represent, but rather only see yourself. The lead
fluctuated, with it finally being surrendered to Muhammad Mujtaba by Muhammad Juman Junejo. Third
and fourth were often engaged in skirmishes over the checkered sixty-four squares, having the
placement often sway between them. Finally, after a grueling 7 hours of playing, Sir Mujtaba of the
Hyderabad Chess Association crowning Muhammad Mujtaba the champion of the Men’s under 16, and
heralding Muhammad Juman as the runner-up; as well as announcing the results of all who followed.
The third was Yassal Memon, the fourth was the editor of this very blog, Syed Haseeb Raza, the fifth was
the favorite amongst them, having a prior reputation of winning tournaments, Hasnain Ali, and the sixth
was another of our own students, Vineet Rai.

It was truly an honor for Beaconhouse Qasimabad Campus to participate in such a prestigious event, and we, from Beaconhouse, sincerely hope the best for all who participated in their future chess endeavors. We thank
the Hyderabad Chess Association for hosting this event and we thank Anees Hassan for choosing to be
the venue of this tournament.

“To know a man fully, you must engage him in a game of play; For a single hour of chess tells more
about a person than years of conversation”-Garry Kasparov, longest reigning World Champion.

Math Olympiad 2022-23
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As I, Yesaal Akhund, reflect upon my exhilarating experience in the Math Olympiad, I can confidently say that Mathematics can be a riveting and enjoyable subject rather than a daunting and stress-inducing one. The event took place on February 23rd 2023, at Jubilee Campus in Karachi, and I was privileged to be a part of it.

The competition’s objective was straightforward: the team with the highest number of accurate answers would emerge victorious. Each team comprised three participants and a backup member, and representing the Qasimabad Campus were Juman, Manav and Sheryriar.

The Mathematical problems appeared deceptively straightforward yet subtly intricate. Although all the teams fared exceptionally well in Round One, Round Two was an intense, nail-biting battle. Despite the tough competition, we managed to clinch the third position, although the Johar Campus team came out on top with an impressive score of 195 points.


I extend a massive shout out to our extraordinary Mathematics teachers who went above and beyond to support us. Our teachers devoted their time and effort to conduct daily practice sessions that enabled us to excel in complex equations. As I pen down my thoughts, I feel immensely proud of our teachers, whose unwavering dedication played a significant role in helping us secure a coveted spot in this highly anticipated competition.

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When I first stepped inside my O Level business class, every thing seemed alien, and rightfully so
considering that I had left school for a year in eighth grade. With my rusty academic concepts and almost-forgotten
basics, I was determined to build myself from the scratch in the first year of O Levels and somehow succeeded
in doing so. Just when the lady luck drifted towards my side and things started to take a positive turn, mother fortune struck her cards and the
global pandemic doomed us in March of 2020.

During such apocalyptic and trying times, the only glimmer of hope
glistening in my future was the extra time that I had gotten to prepare for some of the O Level subjects
way before my peers. As a result of constant digger dedication, I appeared in English Language and Business Studies the
following year, securing two A*s in my academic portfolio; a much-needed confidence boost this accomplishment was.

With the same
motivation and discipline, I continued to appear in three of my compulsory exams as well as Commerce in
October of 2021 and was left behind with just Mathematics, Economics, Accounts and Additional
Mathematics. Having given all my sweat and tears to my academics, I had hoped for a stellar O Level
results and felt like all the universes had aligned for my happiness when I received a total of 9A*s and
1A in August 2022.

Just when, for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, I got the chance to sit back and relax
during my summer sabbaticals, and this is when life had more twists to offer: due to some family reasons I had to
switch my field from business to engineering and appear in O Level Physics, Chemistry, and Computer
Science for my equivalency in the future. Now that I look back, life had given me yet another chance to
prove myself and I did. Despite the shortest time left in October exams and A levels starting
simultaneously, I bagged three more A*s, getting my total to 12A* and 1A. It was a moment of utter joy,
relief, and overflowing gratitude.

My triumph has made me an empathetic and I wish every Cambridge student the same road to glory. My guideline for the O Level students is:

1) Do not take your sabbaticals for granted. It is the golden time for you to prepare yourself for CAIEs
and do something productive. Trust me, any O Level subject can be prepared within three months of hard

2) Don’t appear for the subjects early if you think you are not well-prepared. Rushing into your CAIES is
more detrimental than you think. It has dire consequences. CAIE has no sympathy for complacency.

3) Only appear in extra subjects, the ones you’re confident about getting outstanding grades in. If you plan on studying in Pakistan know that, in the end, your prime concern is
getting a good equivalency for the universities which is only calculated from the 8 subjects.

4) Always consult your teacher or an academic counselor before appearing in any subject earlier than
usual. He need his expertise to know where you exactly stand.

5) Ensure you appear in all your school exams and mocks as they’re the perfect way to weigh
your preparation under actual exam conditions.

Last but not the least, knowing that grades are not the end of the world is a must. Our only task as students is to put in
our best endeavors, enjoy the learning process, and move on to bigger challenges in life. As much as your
grades provide you with a path to follow in life, they are not the path itself. The only thing that counts towards the end is what you learned, your discipline towards academics, and the efforts that you put in.


Do it The Azka Way
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Though now eclipsed by new exam schedules and more rigorous academic expectations, achieving 10A* in my Ordinary Level examinations was indeed the technicolor daydream of my younger self. I consider myself the hero of no personal epic. Whatever I have achieved is the product of a great support system. My learning curve throughout the three years has been massive, not just in academic aspects but also in social and personal dimensions. Be it battling through barriers in education created by the Coronavirus, or making my way through quite a few changes in career streams, my major takeaway has been the power of perseverance when it comes to one’s academic challenges. Simply seeing minor ups and downs as not black-and-white experiences, but rather opportunities for growth, is what the journey is all about. 

I started my high-school as a commerce student but then ventured out to engineering, sensing that I had a long-term interest in the latter. This career change entailed catching up on months of coursework that I missed was quite an ordeal, but tons of free educational resources and regular online school classes made the transition easier. Little did I know that I’d also be taking a commerce subject, Economics, as one of my electives, and would end up achieving a regional distinction in it. What I learned from this uncomfortable but worthwhile chrysalis, was that the future has its own quirky ways to unfold itself and that one should sit with their mistakes to analyze what went wrong, but not ponder over them to the extent that they start to paralyze us. 

Grade 10 was the next step up the ladder. It was time for us to appear for our CAIE examinations for the very first time. I recall it as a pretty nerve-tattering year, especially because a considerable chunk of it was marred by the Coronavirus and there was a lot of catching up to do. In hindsight, this was the year where I really learned what arduous self-study meant: having a handful of self-motivation and discipline, ensuring that you are being as resourceful as possible, looking up several studying and repetition techniques, and filtering through them to see what suits you the best, reaching out for crucial feedback, and developing not just one’s knowledge but also answering techniques to set yourself up for ease and flow. In addition, this was also the year where I made some of the most cherish-able friendships. They not only created an environment of support and encouragement but also helped me de-stress immensely. Despite the exams being postponed to the next exam series, the entire journey proved to be really fruitful for me. 

11th grade started with apparent traces of the previous year because we were yet to appear for our O-2 exams. Having to prepare for the remaining half of the exams was a constant banshee wailing in the back of our minds. Paving through with individual grit, my batch appeared for its exams in the November 2021 series. The first time you sit an official exam is like no other. Learning to keep your nerves under control, juggling not just the workload but also exam-induced anxiety is a pretty Herculean task. Thankfully, coupled with this is unrelenting support from well-wishers, which makes the whole process not just sail smoothly, but also become memorable. With flying colors, the exam series was over and we were preparing for yet another exam series scheduled in May 2022. Regular group-study sessions, alongside extensive past paper and query-solving sessions were the trademarks of this time period. I also decided to appear for another elective, Sociology, as I wanted to have another social science under my profile. 

In these three years of surviving rigorous routines, learning different tricks of the trade for each subject, and trying my level best to ace the tests, I have learned a legion of lessons. Your best is going to look different every day. The process is the best part of the achievement. This might not seem like the case when one has to come back to unfinished to-do lists and unsolved past exam questions on a daily, but when time has gone by, one begins to miss it, the high and low tides alike. In the words of Fyodor Dostoevsky, whose intellect encompasses issues greater than a high school journey: “Oh, you may be sure that Columbus was happy not when he had discovered America, but when he was discovering it.”

‘PinkTober’—Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer……. by Maheen Nazar from XI C
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The term‘PinkTober’ has been surfacing all over the internet recently, in support of Breast Cancer
Awareness Month, which is commemorated during the month of October.
Beaconhouse School System has displayed its support for the awareness of breast cancer via organising
an orientation for its female high school students and staff. Dr. Nusrat Nisar and Major Dr. Faryal Sadaqat
were kindly invited to teach reliable information about breast cancer to everyone present, through a
running presentation of the topic as well.
As both of the remarkable doctors explained, breast cancer is a disease that has staggeringly high
statistics, particularly in the region of South Asia, where multiple factors contribute to its alarming
numbers. Self-examination is crucial to detecting this cancer early on, and the invited doctors clearly
explained the correct way of doing so.
The orientation lasted a little over an hour, during which both doctors managed to relay vital information
about the illness, e.g; what exactly it is, what are its signs, ways to prevent such a cancer, ways to detect
it, what risk factors contribute to its development, how is self-examination carried out, and more.
Nearing the end, Major Dr. Faryal Sadaqat and Dr. Nusrat Nisar also answered the staff and students’
questions, leaving everyone satisfied with what they learnt after it was over. Shields of Honour were also
presented to both doctors, and everyone who attended the session received a pink ribbon with the word
‘PinkTober’ on it, to wear on their arms and showcase support for the matter.
Breast cancer is nothing to be ashamed about, and by education and awareness only will we be able to
identify and treat such a terrible illness. Beaconhouse will continue to support and educate its students
on important global matters such as this, so that little by little, positive differences can be brought about,
starting right here, from school.

OUR SOLDIERS OUR PRIDE by Muhammad Mujtaba and Haseeb Raza……..VIII-D
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6th of September is a day many remember, as the events that transpired were ones not ever to be forgotten. It was a war that consumed the lives of thousands of Pakistani martyrs. To commemorate and celebrate the valiant heroes who sacrificed their lives, Beaconhouse Qasimabad Campus, organized a  Speech competition where students from class eight gave their own opinions in a speech in front of an audience.

Our speech competition started off with recitation of few verses from the Holy Quran followed by the National anthem; After that, Kashaf, the narrator of the event, started the competition. The first one to present the speech was Haseeb Raza Shah, who gave a wonderful speech. After him was Areesha, who, too, gave an amazing speech. Eventually, we reached the last person, who was Fatima Sheikh. Out of all the amazing speeches, the one’s that stood out were Ushna Memon and Fatima Shiek’s, who both got third position, Sana Pirzada and Mujitaba Junejo, who both got second, and finally the best one being done by the first place holder, Muhammad Juman Junejo. All of these were outstanding and awe-inspiring. To end the competition, Principle of the school, Sir Kashif Hussain Rajper, personally came and commemorated 6th of September, as well as announced the positions of everyone. This was followed by an award ceremony where all position holders were given a prestigious certificate, which marked the end of the speech competition.

It was a very interesting and enlightening experience, expertly organized and managed by everyone involved. It was extremely effective in promoting Defense day and celebrating, as well as mourning, the sacrifices of those who gave their lives for us.


“The competition was very nice, and the judgment was spot on!”-says our blog writer, Mujtaba Junejo.

“I loved the song at the end, — could really sing!”-says third position holder, Ushna Memon.

“It was a very well organized event, and everyone enjoyed it!.”-says our blog editor, Haseeb Raza.


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6th of September is a day many remember, as the events that transpired were ones not ever to be forgotten. It was a war that consumed the lives of thousands of Pakistani martyrs. To commemorate and celebrate the valiant heroes who sacrificed their lives, Beaconhouse Qasimabad Campus, decided to organize a speech competition where students from class eight gave their own opinions in a speech in front of an audience.

The  speech competition started with the recitation of holy verses from Holy Quran followed by the National anthem; After that, Kashaf, the narrator of the event, officially started the competition. The first one to present the speech was Haseeb Raza Shah, who gave a wonderful speech. After him was Areesha, who, too, gave an amazing speech. Eventually, we reached the last person, who was Fatima Sheikh. Out of all the amazing speeches, the one’s that stood out were Ushna Memon and Fatima Shiek’s, who both got third position, Sana Pirzada and Mujitaba Junejo, who both got second, and finally the best one being done by the first place holder, Muhammad Juman Junejo. All of these were outstanding and awe-inspiring. To end the competition, the Principle, Sir Kashif Hussain Rajper, personally came and commemorated 6th of September, as well as announced the positions of everyone. This was followed by an award ceremony where all position holders were given a

prestigious certificate, which marked the end of the speech competition.

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Pak V/S Sri Lanka T20 Screening: A Day To Remember by Maheen Naveed…..XI C
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Alongside ensuring that its student body gets a breakthrough from taxing routines, Beaconhouse also aims to inculcate awareness and create agency in times of calamities. 11th of September proved the perfect avenue for this, with Pakistan going head-to-head against Sri Lanka for the Asia Cup Trophy. 


The match was the final T20 game of the tournament, and a highly anticipated event. The pupils of grade 11 to A-Levels made it on time, everyone’s heart and brain rife with excitement and anxiety alike. A nail-biting match, everyone was on the edge of their seats for their seats throughout. Be it rejoicing every boundary alongside friends, lamenting each fallen wicket, or sharing their takes on particular situations, the vibrance of the crowd showed that this event will be etched in the permanent memory of all those present. 

The ultimate aim of the screening was to collect funds to aid Internally Displaced People and other flood victims. This fostered a sense of altruism and being present for others in such dire times. With a major chunk of Pakistan being flooded, using one’s privilege wisely is the need of the time. 


Even though the result was not the one we desired, the togetherness of the whole event and sportsman spirit made it truly worthwhile!

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What is Defence day?

The 6th of September, 1965, marks the day when the Indian army made an unprovoked attack on Pakistan. Despite fewer weapons, our national heroes retaliated immediately to defend their motherland. Under the supervision of the United Nations, the two agreed on a ceasefire on the 23rd of September, 1965. This day is commemorated as the Defence Day of Pakistan annually.


Why do we celebrate it?

Defence day is celebrated to pay homage to our fearless and honorable soldiers. We honor the blood, sweat, and tears of our brave armed forces. Over the years, they have made millions of sacrifices, strived, and stayed awake all night to protect this nation against its enemies. They do not let the citizens encounter any inconvenience. Hence, we celebrate this day to raise awareness of its significance and encourage the youth to join the military and serve their country.


How did we celebrate it in our school?

The celebration began with a morning assembly where the students spoke words of appreciation for the martyred. The event then continued with a patriotic musical performance. Moreover, the middle school students dressed up as soldiers and held props to feel like gallant soldiers. An art competition was also held on the same day, in which my peers and I enthusiastically participated. We were instructed to draw an image which visualized the assigned couplet. Equal time was allotted to each group. “Watan mein jab bhi sar-e-dasht koi phool khila, dekh kar teray shaheedoon ki nishaani roya” was one of the couplets assigned. The participants completed their projects in cooperation with their group members, and the best posters were rewarded with “first, second and third” positions. My group achieved 2nd position in the contest!


Through this event, many of my peers realized the importance of the Pakistan Army, which reinvigorated in them a sense of commitment to our nation and the will to go above and beyond for our country!

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Excursion Trip
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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” ~ Helen Keller

The excursion trip was arranged for the students of Early Years & Lower Primary by the school administration after the hectic time we spent during the COVID-19. The place to be visited was Iris Resort Sahiwal which is at a distance of 15 minutes from school. Iris Resort is a place worth visiting and has a zoo, cafeterias and a joy land.

A glimpse of the beauty of Iris Eco Resort is as follows:

Students left the school at sharp 8:45 am and reached the resort at 9 o’clock. The students were given a warm welcome by the administration of Iris Resort  with the beat of drum, monkeys dance and much more. After that the students visited their green area and played with pigeons. Next, the refreshment was served to the students by the school staff . After refreshment students got excited to visit the zoo and there they enjoyed a lot seeing a wide variety of animals.

The most awaited part of the trip for the students was the joy land where they enjoyed with the number of fun games and motion rides.

Teachers saved the memories of this trip by clicking the pictures of students.

Very well said by Ibn Battuta:

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” 

Fall Fiesta
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“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”

A season is a traditional division of the year based on unique weather conditions. There are four seasons:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

Autumn is also called “Fall”. The autumn season lasts from September 21- December 20. Autumn is the third season of the year. Autumn season includes the cooler weather, colorful leaves, rakes, pumpkins, apples and much more to enjoy.

In order to welcome autumn season, A Fall fiesta was organized for the students of Early Years in the school premises on Thursday dated 18-11-2021.

Students followed the theme of autumn and dressed themselves in the following colors:

  • orange
  • red
  • yellow
  • brown

Here is a glimpse of the beautiful décor of our Fall Fiesta:

Different activities were arranged to make the event joyful for our understudies which includes:

  • Tree making
  • leaf painting
  • Singing autumn songs
  • Making pumpkin with balloons
  • Photo props
  • Cartoon making with leaves

Students participated in all the activities with full spirit and enthusiasm.

Students marked their memory regarding the celebrations of Fall Fiesta by clicking beautiful pictures with their friends and the teachers.

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The Wizards of Fairytales!
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A fairy tale is a magical story for children, like “Cinderella” or “Rumpelstiltskin.” If you read a story that begins, “Once upon a time,” chances are it’s a fairy tale. A story doesn’t have to include any fairies at all to be considered a fairy tale. The characters and images of fairy tales have cast a spell over adults and children for centuries. These fantastic stories have travelled across cultural borders, and been passed on from generation to generation, ever-changing, renewed with each re-telling. Few forms of literature have greater power to enchant us and rekindle our imagination than a fairy tale.

The Wizards of Fairytales activity was conducted by the students of Kindergarten classes. The students took part in plays which showed their favourite fairytales. Here are some pictures taken on the day the activity was conducted by Kindergartens Violet and Blue; performing “The Beauty and the Beast” and “The Sleeping Beauty“:




Furthermore, classes KG Red and Yellow also showed enthusiastic participation from their behalf. The students performed short plays of “Frozen” and “Cinderella“:




By doing so, students showed their imaginative capacities and showed potential to carry out such tasks proficiently. Additionally many of the students became more curious as now, fairytales and stories being incorporated into their learning sparks pulls their attention and helps them understand and grasp concepts more clearly. Fairytales also prove to guide little ones’ moral compasses as well, causing them to be especially useful for one’s upbringing and growth.



Sports Week Festivities At LMA Primary 11 FCC!
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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  is a very famous English proverb. We all have heard it at least once in a lifetime. Sports are a very crucial part of everyone’s life which helps the participants to learn various virtues like teamwork, coordination, and also helps to keep the body strong and healthy. Hence, sports help you to understand the importance of physical activities.

Many might argue that study or books are more important than sports. But the truth is that both are equally important in life, in fact, both are the two faces of a single coin. Continuous work not only tires you but also reduces your productivity. So, to have better productivity and focus, it is better to have a sports activity adopted. Different classes took part in the Annual Sports Week here are some pictures of our little champs from Pre Nursery and Nursery:




The sports week also included the highlights of stars from kindergarten classes. 






Grade I participated in different races and displays as well.





Mr.Shahbaz Khan, our P.E teacher is a certified Martial Arts trainer. Students of Grade II displayed some wonderful Karate’ moves under his supervision.





An amazing display of Yoga postures by our young athletes of Grade III was held. The most popular performance of the event… Shuffle dance, was performed by students of Grade IV .






Last but definitely not the least, here come the young athletes of Grade V!




Destination Pakistan
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          May be an image of 4 people, people standing and outdoors                         May be an image of 2 people

On 31st of March, the culmination of the School Project, “Destination Pakistan,” was held at LMA Primary 11/FCC with full enthusiasm. The teachers and students of Class fours worked hard to make it a successful event; presenting all the five provinces of Pakistan showing diversity of various cultures of our beautiful country; Pakistan. Mothers also witnessed the colourful event and appreciated the well organized event.

1st Parent Teacher Meeting
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On 6th of November,2021, 1st Parent Teacher Meeting was held at LMA PRIMARY 11 FCC. After a long gap Parents came eagerly to discuss their child’s progress in academics as well as their participation in class and school activities. Parents were happy to see their children well settled in school; as students were getting the feel of working hard in their studies and going through various school activities, meeting their friends, getting to know new ones, helping some; learning something new from others. This is all about Education as it  is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.

Celebrating Iqbal Day
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LMA PRIMARY 11 FCC celebrated Iqbal Day. The students of Class V participated in a tableau on one of Iqbal’s famous poems; depicting the meaning of how to recognize oneself. Class III students read out poems of Iqbal in a beautiful manner; focusing on good pronunciation and intonation. Well done, Girls! You all did a great job.

The strong nations have strong history of nation language and heroes . Poetry of Iqbal holds the most essential place in the diversity of Urdu language .His poetry has great spell on the people of all ages and cultures. Iqbal day is organized and celebrated on 9 November every year around the world as a tribute to Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the “Poet of the East”. The day is well regarded, as for its association with the true legend who has envisioned the ideology of Pakistan. The day recalled the history and refresh the essence of literature, unfolds the sacrifice, highlighted efforts of Muslim Hereo , whose wisdom and ideology, is what led the Muslims of the subcontinent to a point of unity. The nation salutes him for his divine efforts and believes. We inculcate the respect and regard for our national poet in our students.

Another Year of Excellence!
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On Thursday, 4th November, 2021, Beaconhouse School System celebrated its 46th Birthday with lot of enthusiasm and fervor! Many students made birthday cards and posters to wish, some brought flowers thus showing their love and appreciation for their school.

Chocolates were distributed among students and a scrumptious cake was shared with the teachers to celebrate its existence. Below are some of the glimpses of the celebrations

Read the brief history of BSS and its accomplishments in these 46 years….

The Beaconhouse group has over 315,000 fulltime students in eight countries and is possibly the largest school network of its kind in the world. Established in November 1975 as the Les Anges Montessori Academy with 19 toddlers, Beaconhouse has since grown into an international network of private schools, imparting distinctive and meaningful learning to students all the way from birth – through its partnership in Pakistan with Gymboree Play & Music – to post-graduation, through Concordia Colleges and the Beaconhouse National University.

Of these students, over 111,200 study at the group’s flagship network, the Beaconhouse School System, while the remaining are largely enrolled at The Educators, a parallel school network operated by the group with over 200,000 students. Other students are in Beaconhouse schools overseas.

The Beaconhouse of today is thus much more than just a stand-alone school. Through distinct and independent divisions across multiple destinations including the UK, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Oman, the UAE, Pakistan and Belgium, it caters to the education and training needs of a large and diverse group of individuals of varying ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and nationalities, with its activities also extending beyond education in some countries.


Celebrating “Global Dignity Day”
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LMA Primary-11FCC inspires its students to become enlightened citizens proactively involved in their communities and the world. Recognising our responsibility as a leading global educator, to teach this core value we prioritise dignity at its best.

Every year Global Dignity Day is celebrated in our campus with optimum involvement from students of every grade level. This year was no different. Our students recognized the dignity of labour and honoured the junior staff: peons, ayahs, office boys, caretaker, sweepers and guards by thanking them for their untiring duties around the school. Students made beautiful handmade thank you cards to acknowledge the junior staff in our school.

Students also made inspiring posters using their creative abilities on Global Dignity Day which were displayed on huge kiosks in the foyer near the main gate. Have a look at their creative endeavors!

Our younger students often confuse the term dignity with respect: respect is earned. You are respected by others for what you have achieved, experienced and how you have handled yourself as you have achieved accomplishments. however, dignity is: All people have the right to be recognized for their inherent humanity and treated ethically. Dignity is a given. You just have it and no one can take it away. Both these words have profound meaning, so it’s only normal that our little ones can struggle to truly understand or internalize their significance.

“Every soul is beautiful and precious; is worthy of dignity and respect, and deserving of peace, joy and love” ~Bryant McGill

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The Organic Gardening by Class V
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“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” — Audrey Hepburn

Unquestionably, Earth has been a giving planet. Everything humans have needed to endure life, and thrive, was provided by our beautiful planet. Therefore, to demonstrate support for environmental protection, students of Class V planted different plants, made organic post by disposing fruits peels and soil in a closed container.




They watched presentations and discussed about the issues of environmental pollution especially global warming. They researched on the ways of reducing pollution, thus decided to work on their organic gardening project. They collected organic rubbish and with the help of the gardener, they prepared compost which involved the use of only natural products to grow plants.



The aim of the activity was to make the students aware of minimizing destruction to living and non-living things in the natural environment and to create an ecosystem that nourishes and sustains soil microbes, insects and plants rather than just putting seeds in the ground and letting them grow









Masquerade Party 2022 (Early Years)
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“My memories mean a lot to me, and I hold them close to my heart”. Radhika Apte

That difficult yet memorable time of the year has come again “The Final Day”. This day is not only about moving to the new class, but is also filled with tears of joy and sadness containing all the beautiful and unforgettable memories. As Haruki Murakami said: “Memories warm you up from inside”. The early days of a student in school are packed with a lot of joyful activities. The last day is memorable not only for the kids but also for the teachers as well. It’s a time to be a sign of celebration, goodbyes and moving towards the new class with hope and confidence.

To make this very last day of students more special and indelible, one can arrange a get together or a costume party but, BSS Steel Town Campus Early Years thought of a tremendous idea by arranging a never-forgetting “Masquerade Party” for the Early Years students.


A “Masquerade Party” is a forerunner to the present-day costume party. Dressing up, while accessorizing with masks makes your party astonishing and surprising as well. To make this “Masquerade Party” more fun and exciting, the students were asked to wear not just any costume but their favorite superhero, cartoon character or any other character of their choice.


The students of Early Years flabbergasted us with their amazing and breath-taking costumes where some showed up as Spider-Man while others surprised us with their Superman looks.

The young girls were also at the top with their Fairy. Snow White and Cinderella dresses to add some glamour to the party.



The masks with the costumes were a bombshell. The party was crammed with laughter, rollicking activities and delicious food brought by the students. In the end, the teachers gave some warm hugs to their little students and wished them the best of luck for their next class. The students of Early Years will surely keep in mind this day as a beautiful recollection.

Learning with Parents
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A parent’s involvement is not only just questioning about their child’s studies from his/her teacher but actively participating in his leaning journey including different functions and activities arranged by their child’s school management.

Beaconhouse School System promotes parents involvement in their each and every function and in classroom activities as well so that the teachers and parents can work together to create a successful learning atmosphere so that the students can grow not only in learning but also be self-confident and can have better social skills.

Keeping in view the social studies topic of “people and professions”, and to explain this topic in a more practical way, the teachers of Class I invited the parents of their students, having different professions such as doctor, teacher and engineer, in school to participate in their children’s learning and to build a healthy parent-teacher relationship. To achieve this goal, different activities were also organized.

In activity one, a session was planned where the parents were asked to share about the nature of their profession and how well they can perform their duties. Afterwards, the students asked them different questions regarding their line of work and parents tried their best to answer all the queries. The purpose of this activity was to make the students more confident socially and be able to learn that every profession requires hard work, and dedication in leaning, that leads towards success.





Another activity was structured where the students were asked to think about any profession and then write about the details of that profession, how to be successful in it and what can be the pros and cons of that profession. This task was arranged to enhance the students critical thinking skills and how much they are aware of their surroundings full of professions.

To build the foundations of a school, a parent’s involvement is very crucial. It will not only help the students to reach towards academic potential but also make them socially successful.

Eid Milan Party classes III to V
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Eid is indisputably the festival that endorses the spirit of comradeship and endearment. This event builds the sense of gratitude towards Allah among all the Muslims. Thus, to catch some mesmerizing and exciting moments, Eid Milan Party was held in Beaconhouse School System Steel Town Campus on Friday May 13, 2022. Children came to school with a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness in their eye-catching and scintillating dresses. Children were delighted and cheerful as they decorated their classes with buntings and balloons and blithely shared their food with peers. Headmistress Mrs. Nusrat Jokhio, Senior Mistress Mrs. Samina Naz and school coordinators also visited their classes to share their happiest moments of the day.


Eid Milan Party Classes Early Years -II
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The true meaning of “Eid-ul-Fitr” is the “Festival of Breaking the Fast” and sometimes named as “Meethi Eid” as well. It is a very joyous and important festival in the Islamic Calendar and was started by the Holy Prophet “P.B.U.H” himself. We celebrate this day every year exuberantly after a certainly blessed Holy month of Ramadan as merriment of ALLAH “S.W.T” giving you the potency to get through the Ramadan successfully.

Eid-ul-Fitr is a cheerful, bubbly and a full of colors occasion. It is a day of never-ending arrangements, making of sweets and savories’, family get-togethers and last but not least the best part of the day is Eidi. People tend to dress up in new and nice clothes and have fun on this auspicious event.

Those who say that Eid is just three days’ celebration needs to visit our beloved country Pakistan as here we not only have Pre-Eid celebrations but also have post-Eid festivities such as Eid Milan Parties. Such kind of parties is particularly arranged by schools, offices, or friends who couldn’t celebrate this lovely event together.


An amazing and with never ending fun, Eid Milan Party was organized by Beaconhouse School System, Steel Town Campus, on May 13, 2022. This party was especially organized to uphold the spirit of brotherhood, love and, sharing among our students. Children came to school with zeal to celebrate this day in their pretty colorful Eid costumes. The children brought homemade healthy food from home to share with their classmates. Sharing food helps students to learn about compromising, taking turns and negotiating.





The ambiance of the school made the students ecstatic and delighted as the teachers put up all their effort in decorating their classrooms with colorful buntings, lights and a lot of balloons to add in the beauty, for the students.


Different games were arranged for the students and to give a touch of Eid, small Eid stalls were also arranged in the classrooms with multicolored bangles and Mehndi as well.


The celebration included interesting games, music, and much more. After greeting with teachers and each other the students then happily shared their meal and ate together like a family.


Eid Milan Parties are a way of teaching students that they are not only together just for the sake of learning but also stands together like a family and to teach them the basic lesson Eid-ul-Fitr teaches us that we as Muslims should always be grateful for what we have and to share it with those who may have less to eat.

Let’s Say NO to Plastic to Save Our Earth
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We are all familiar with how much our surrounding is getting contaminated and is already at the apex of losing its balance because of so-called renovation and development. The rising use of resources and ever-increasing demand for diverse modern things are imposing damage on our planet. This up and coming lifestyle of people today is demanding more and more disposable products, contributing to a large amount of garbage produced on a daily basis. One of the major evil-doers of this is plastic, which is responsible for the intensifying levels of land pollution in our environment.

To save the earth from this wreck, and to save it from getting destroyed, Earth Day is celebrated every once a year on April 22, to express support for environmental protection. Each year more than one a billion people commemorate Earth Day to shield our planet from pollution and deforestation.

Earth Day motivates us to show concern and responsibility towards our beloved planet. The Early Years students of BSS Steel Town arranged a campaign of “say NO to Plastic” by reusing the plastic from our surroundings instead of throwing it, and also made sure to try and say no to plastic in future. For this campaign the students reused and recycled the plastic water bottles which are excessively being used in our homes, to make a beautiful hanging garden in the school, which resulted in not just saving the earth from the land pollution caused by plastic but also condemn deforestation as well.

Early year students performed the plantation activities in school. For the activity of making a hanging garden, the students brought different plastic water bottles from their home to convert them in to something useful instead of throwing them away.

The first activity was performed by the students of Kindergarten class. The students brought a full size plastic water bottle and one plant each from their home. After that they cut the bottles into half and colored them using various colors. Later they put soil inside the bottles and planted the different plants in them using gardening tools and watered the plants and then hung them by the wall using threads. The students successfully made a beautiful hanging garden on one of the school’s walls.

Hanging Garden



The second activity was performed by the students of Pre-Nursery class. They also recycled and reused the plastic water bottles. For this activity they also used the full size plastic water bottles. After that they colored the bottles and put soil in those bottles using gardening tools and planted different plants. These bottles pots were also hanged on one of the wall in an attractive manner.


Class one students reused the bottles to make bird feeders and hanged them on the trees with the help of support staff.


The entire purpose of this campaign was to make students realize how much plastic is being used by us in daily life and how it’s damaging the environment. The students were taught that it’s high time now to say no to plastic and not to throw those plastic products which are already present in our environment, but reuse them in something productive.

No good deed is too small (Class I Activity)
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“A good word is a charitable act….” (Bukhari and Muslim).
Ramadan brings countless blessings for all the Muslims and it is the perfect timing to develop a habit of doing good deeds. Students of class 1 shared their Good Deeds of each day of Ramadan from 1st roza. They put their good deeds in the envelop according to the Ramadan Calendar.

Some to the good deed they did …Sent iftar to their neighbours, helped needy people, distributed food etc.






Some of the good deeds we can do:
Thank Allah for all the blessing
Send iftar to neighbors.
Share some food with your neighbors.
Distribute water bottles to the homeless
Smile at everyone!
Say good words
be extra nice to parents, friends, and siblings
Pick up litter in your surroundings
Teach someone something you know
Donate Food
Make a prayer for someone who is sick
Quit a bad habit.
Set up a charity jar/box and distribute its contents
Help your parents around the house.


Earthquakes in Pakistan
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English Debate Competition 2022 Classes IV and V
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Debating helps students to develop conceptualizing skills that can be practiced in daily life. It builds the sense of articulation in students so that they can get come to grips with sharp and well-planned argument and helps them to see the power of deploying rational and reasoned arguments sagaciously.







It enables them to elucidate their vantagepoint through utilizing rhetorical eloquence. It also teaches them the skills of researching, organizing, and presenting information in a compelling fashion.


Beaconhouse Steel Town Campus organised the English Debate Competition on 12th April, 2022 for the students of classes IV and V. They presented their points of views strongly in favour and against of the given topics. The audience was very supportive and appreciated the participants with good rounds of applauds throughout the competition.


In the end, the Headmistress Mrs. Nusrat Jokhio announced the results and appreciated the efforts of students and teachers and the parents for taking time out and joining the event for motivational and encouraging approach.

The Hungry Caterpillar
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Every spring life begins again. Flowers, trees, animals, and insects start the life cycle process. Butterflies are one of the most beautiful and colorful creatures found in nature. Based on the theme “Life Cycle of a Butterfly”, Pre-Nursery students read about seeds, flowers, caterpillars and butterflies to build knowledge about life cycle of a butterfly.

Students were introduced Carle’s classic tale of a voracious caterpillar who eats his way through the days of the week and then changes into a beautiful butterfly.  Children’s listening skills were developed as they were asked to respond with questions about the story. The children were all fascinated to read that a caterpillar turns into a cocoon and then hatches as a butterfly.

Culmination day was planned after completing the theme. Mothers were also invited. Students presented the story in form of a role-play which developed their creative and imaginative skills. They were dressed up in story characters and played their role to represent the story. Students performed on two different songs related to the theme to develop collaborative learning.



Different stations were setup for students where they worked with their mothers to complete the activities.

Station Activities:

 Caterpillar Art


Butterfly Booklet

What does ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ eat?

 Making caps



Students really enjoyed the day and got chance to engage in different activities with their mother. Mothers also got opportunity to become part of their children’s learning.

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Better Health through Better Living
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Life is a precious and valuable gift of Almighty Allah (SWT). It is given only once and is to be spent wisely. The quality of life depends on how we spend it. Living our life the right way increases its span and makes it worth living. Making healthy choices takes us closer to a healthy life. When making the right choices, choosing organic food intake tops the to-do list.

 Food that comprises loads of greens, Nuts and fruits to kill midnight and untimely cravings as snacks are the best choices. However, that doesn’t mean giving up on our favorite food entirely. We can have occasional breaks on weekends to satisfy our desires, but that must not become part of our regular meals.

Eating healthy makes us stay active and helps us stay focused during our day-to-day chores. We need to think about ways to avoid junk food. Here are some tips:

  •  Plan a list of Yes and No Snacks. When shopping, try to avoid junk food and choose fresh salads instead.
  •  Incorporate nuts and beans in your meals to stay whole.
  •  Try to take homemade lunch to work or school.
  •  Have food on time to avoid untimely hunger pangs.

 It is not too late to change our unhealthy eating food habits. We can still make our diet balanced by including nutrients in our daily life.

Apart from choosing the right kind of food, the next most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle is staying physically fit and active. No one likes to look chubby with a bulging belly. We can stay in shape and look attractive by devoting at least an hour daily to physical activity.

 Let’s promise ourselves to take utmost care of this beautiful and precious life by making the right choices about our food and lifestyle. After all, everyone has the right to live their life to its best extent!

Written by Fariyah

Class VII – J


Impact of sports and physical activities on youth development
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It is important for us to be physically fit and active in our daily lives and continuously play some sports or do some exercises to help fit that role. It should be a mainstay in everyone’s schedule as even only a 30 minutes exercise can have a lot of benefits. 

Here are a few major roles, sports, and physical activities that can help in sustaining the human body and mind that may encourage you to pull up your socks and get walking.


  • Helps prevent anxiety and lowers our stress. 
  • Gives energy and elevates our mood and concentration. 
  • It encourages social, emotional, and mental health development.
  • Controls our blood sugar, helping the heart function properly.
  • Weight management reduces the risk of diseases.

Being physically active can provide you a fun and busy routine while also keeping your body healthy. It also brings positive energy, discipline, and other qualities which are helpful in your daily life. Sports and other physical activities can help students to manage their time effectively too!

Beaconhouse PECHS Campus has a stellar reputation for its athletic success. Most, if not all of its students participate in sporting activities and have excelled across all sports. Physical education is an integral part of Beaconhouse’s curriculum! The sporting curriculum is rapidly-evolving, as Beaconites continue to break records and reach unprecedented limits nationwide and internationally. 

Such as our brilliant student Huzefa Shahid from class 7F qualified for the finals of the ‘Texas Chicken All Pakistan Open Squash Championship 2022’ and secured 2nd Position.

Written by Shahzaib

Class VIII E

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STEAM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. It is an interdisciplinary approach that helps students succeed in college and in their future careers.

Mini Science Centre models give students a hands-on learning experience with science and math subjects that are taught in the classroom. Students retain the concepts they learn in the classroom through the Mini Science Centre exhibits. 

In Beaconhouse, students of the middle section have worked together in teams in creating a steam project prototype which is a Balloon powered car. 

The main objective was to analyze air pressure and its impact on speed, distance and power by making and testing the STEAM prototype.

Students have been showing dedication in the STEAM subject and have developed and tested the prototypes and are encouraged to enhance their learning further in Electronics, Coding and Lego Kits as well. 

Mathemagicia 2022
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Beaconhouse School, Middle Section, PECHS Campus, conducted an online Math Competition “Mathemagicia 2022” on Tuesday, September 13th. The Orchid School, Karachi Public School, New Generation’s School System, and Leadership School participated in the exciting event.

 Middle Section students from all four schools enthusiastically participated and showed their mathematical prowess. The three-round exclusive competition was thoroughly enjoyed by all four competing teams.

 The winning team of the competition was Leadership School whereas; Beaconhouse PECHS Campus was the runner-up.





Through this competition, students got a chance to further enhance their intellectual and logical reasoning skills.


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Good health is something we cannot buy. Nobody can undermine the significance of physical and mental health as this is the first and foremost requirement not only to survive in this world but to progress and avail of opportunities that lie around us.

Students of Grade VIII presented rare diseases that rarely people know about. Some of these diseases are Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. It is a rare disease or disorienting neurological condition that affects human perception of the senses of vision, hearing, touch, sensation, and the phenomenon of time.

Second, Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome is an extremely rare condition wherein a person goes through a rapid appearance of aging beginning in childhood.

Third, Stoneman Syndrome is a rare condition wherein the body’s connective tissues slowly turn into bones.

The purpose of sharing this unique information was to create awareness. People who suffer are also people like us, who battle every day mentally, socially, and among their families. We should show sympathy and be kind to those who struggle to lead a normal life.

Donations for Flood Affectees In Pakistan
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Our beloved country Pakistan has recently fallen victim to a series of disastrous floods, which ruined entire rural towns and villages. Since the Government had not taken any pre-flooding measures, all help was given after the damage occurred. Some lucky people were rescued, while others had their access to land completely cut off.

In this situation of disaster, the brotherhood and fellowship of the Pakistanis was tested as there were many appeals for flood donations, either in the form of clothes and dry goods or as financial help. Many NGOs stepped forward to help the flood affectees, while a few wealthy people provided help on their own. These NGOs helped set up meal stands, rescue camps, temporary houses, as well as small farms for the jobless people. In this scenario, the whole country pitched in to provide aid to the needy and helpless. The Government of Pakistan also set up a fund, asking for donations, and people whole-heartedly appreciated them for their sincerity towards the country.

These moments of distress reflect on how we have been raised, and what we have been taught. Thankfully, all Pakistanis supported their brothers who were victims of the terrible floods. This shows, how strong we are as a country.

“How can YOU contribute in moments of distress?”

Written by Haris Amir

Class VIII F

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Beaconhouse School, Middle Section, PECHS Campus, organized “Inter School Basketball Tournament-Boys”, on Thursday, September 15th. Four schools namely; The Reflections School, Saint Patrick’s School, Indus Academy, and Beaconhouse PECHS Middle School participated in the thrilling sports event. It was an exciting tournament; all the teams competed enthusiastically and played with full energy in this scorching heat.

Beaconhouse PECHS School won the tournament, after a nail-biting final, with a score of 24-16, against Saint Patrick’s School. Gold medals and a trophy was awarded to the winning team while silver medals and a trophy was awarded to the runner-up team.

Visit to an Organic Farm – Supporting Healthy Lifestyle
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As part of a Healthy Life Style inculcation, students of Middle Section, PECHS Campus, visited an organic farm. Students were educated about the significance and impact of plantation; such as multiplication of various species of birds, less pollution, and more rain. They were briefed about the role of living species in the world and how one species depends on the other for existence. The purpose of the visit was to create awareness about impact of greenery and growing of one’s own food: vegetables and fruits. The food at the farm is grown on land, containers, wooden crates and raised beds to make best possible use of limited resources and ensure sustainable environmental friendly procedures of food growth. Students planted gourd seeds in pots and were given the same as souvenirs to take home. They were educated about the depth of soil to sow the seed, frequency of watering their pots and what to look for as signs of good growth. This visit was part of a healthy lifestyle awareness program and as the way forward, learning would be cascaded to the whole school community through green drives and other awareness programs.


Cultural Day
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Middle Section PECHS Campus celebrated Cultural Day in high spirits. Students attired in beautiful dresses displaying the various cultures of Pakistan, brought cuisines consumed in the different regions of Pakistan, for sharing during lunch time. Cultural performances on the regional  heritage and dance of Sindh, Kashmir, Kailash, Balochistan Pakhtunkhwa, and Punjab were enjoyed by all and  potter helped students to mould and paint pots, and take the same as souvenirs to their homes. Lastly, games of the different regions were played during the PE lessons such as; pitto, kho kho, baraf pani, ankh macholi and etc. The day was full of energy and held regard for dissemination of regional and cultural information.

Province of Kelash

Baraf Pani


Province of Sindh

Kelash attire

Baraf Pani

International Womens’ Day
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PECHS Campus is Celebrating International Womens’ Day today.

Teacher’s Day
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Great teachers empathize with kids, respect them, and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon.”-
Ann Liberman
On 5th October,2022 our beaconites celebrated Teacher’s Day with great enthusiasm and paid tribute to their teachers by making cards and arranging an assembly.
Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.
*Happy Teachers Day*💖

Culture Day
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Culture Day Celebration
My culture is my identity and personality. It gives me spiritual, intellectual and emotional distinction from others, and I am proud of it.”
M.F Moonzajer
Students of Grade displayed culture of Pakistan beautifully and with full enthusiasm.
It was indeed a very healthy competition to inculcate the competitive skills in our students.
Each and every child participated very well.

Sports day
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Traditional sports and games are a means to convey values of solidarity, diversity, fair-play, inclusion, and cultural awareness. They also contribute to logical thinking, mathematical and civic education. Moreover, traditional sports and games reflect cultural diversity, and foster mutual understanding and tolerance among communities and nations. However, many traditional games have disappeared and those that survive face imminent disappearance. Globalization, migration, demographic and societal changes are some of the factors contributing to this trend.
On Tuesday 17th March, 22 we tried to revive these games in Beaconhouse School System Jamrud Campus Primary Section.
All the students enthusiastically participated and showed great interest.

Role Play
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A role play was performed by our little angels on a classic fairytale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” during Morning Assembly Presentation.

The learning Outcome was
” To Speak and Present Confidently in Front of the Audience”.

Click on the link below to watch.


Importance of Grandparents
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Grandparents are a little parent, a little bit teacher, a little bit best friend and for sure a spoiler.
To celebrate their presence in our lives, we at Bss Jamrud Campus- Primary Section invited Grandparents to witness a class activity of 3 Blue.
Students expressed their feelings and love for the Grandparents. Students also played games with their Grandparents which was worth watching. The entire activity went well and gathered a lot of appreciation.


Science Buddies- Digestive System Experiment
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Are you looking for a fun way to cover the human digestive system in your classroom?

Try this Fun hands-on activity for kids of grade 4.

Attainment Target: Describe the human digestive system including the functions of the organs involved (limited to mouth, oesophagus, stomach).

This Attainment target was achieved through an activity. Students learned the pathway of food as it travels through different organs of the body and gets broken down for nutrients and energy.


You will need …
● banana
● two crackers
● plastic bowl
● fork
● water (50 ml)
● Ziplock bag
● orange juice (20 ml)
● one leg cut from a pair of tights
● Gloves
● paper towel

Students were able to see how food turns into a soup-like liquid in the stomach (the ziplock bag) which then passes into the intestines (the tights). Within the small intestine nutrients and water pass through the wall.The liquid that ends up in the plastic bowl should be milky, which shows how the useful chemicals the body needs have passed through the wall. The large chemicals, such as fibre stay inside the intestine and are eventually passed out when we go to the toilet.




Our Little Champions
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Our little Champions made us proud.  

The primary beaconites participated in the International Kangaroo Linguistics Competition, HRCA (Mathematical Quiz Competition) Bebras (International student Computational Thinking Challenge).

We can proudly announce that,

Umm e Habiba of grade V secured 1st position International Kangaroo Linguistic Competition, in Peshawar,

Armaghan of grade IV received a medal in HRCA and International Kangaroo Linguistic Competition.


Sheryar of grade IV received a medal in International Kangaroo Linguistic Competition.

Arisha of grade III received a medal in International Kangaroo Linguistic Competition.

Other participants also received distinctions along with different incentives and gifts like medals, power bank etc.




Morning Assembly- Old Memories
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Our little beaconites of grade III conducted morning assembly on  “My Memories“. As they say “Old is Gold“, no matter! how old you get or how Hi tech you become, certain things never go out of fashion. Physical activities make you healthy and active was highlighted during the Morning Assembly. Students were encouraged to play Badmiton, Cricket, Hockey, Soccer and hopscotch instead of online games.

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Mid Year Examination-2021

Mid year in progress in Jamrud Campus

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Morning Assembly- Honesty
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Honesty is the best Policy.

The morning assembly was conducted by the students of Primary Section. It was based on the moral of Honesty is the best Policy.

The story revolves around a Wise and Intelligent King who was getting old and wanted to appoint a new successor for his throne. He came up with an idea and decided to distribute seeds among some Noble Villagers. King asked them to plant it, take care of it and come back after an year.

Everyone left the Palace with a seed. They excitedly planted their seed and waited for it to grow. As the months passed by the youth of the country was talking about how their plant has grown tremendously beautiful. Among all the youth, there was a young man whose seed hadn’t even sprouted. Although, he used to water the seed every day and did everything to make it grow, the seed would grow. He could hear people talking about their plants. But still, he has nothing.

After an year the Noble villagers were summoned to the palace where they had to display the outcome of their seeds. Except one all the other villagers were having beautifully grown plants.

King started to examine the seeds and went back to his throne. The king said “One year ago, I gave everyone a seed. I instructed you to take the seed, plant it, water it, and bring it back. What you were unaware of, was that every seed I handed out had been boiled beforehand so that none of them were fit to grow! All of you after a year have brought me trees, plants and flowers, born of your dishonesty. The seeds which grew these plants were not the ones I provided you. Therefore, look upon the only honest one among you, this young man, and know now why he deserves to be your ruler.”

𓂀 𝕄𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕊𝕥𝕣𝕖𝕤𝕤 𝕚𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝟚𝟙𝕤𝕥 ℂ𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕪 𓂀
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Stress wreaks havoc on our emotional equilibrium, as well as our physical health, however, effective stress management helps us break the hold stress has on our life.

In this regard, students of Beaconhouse North Nazimabad Campus organized an Expert talk with Dr. Maryam Ali, Consultant Dermatologist Medical Compliance Advisor 3D Lifestyle South, on ‘Managing Stress in the 21st Century’.

It was an interactive session where the guest speaker shared her personal experiences and expertise to help the young minds in banishing stress. The students participated in stress managing activities, raised questions and shared various perspectives on this social dilemma. In addition, it further helped students to gain deeper insights on identifying different stressors and coping strategies to overcome this issue.

Hafta -e- Urdu Adab
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Harmonius Ghazal:




Melodious Ghazal:


Stunning Voice:





Tribute to ALLAMA IQBAL, ‘ Poet of the East’
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Grade VIII students of Beaconhouse North Nazimabad Middle Campus paid tribute to Allama Iqbal ‘Poet of the East’. Without a shadow of a doubt, this was an exceedingly reminiscent day celebrated with elation and with a feeling of immense pride.


To give an outlandish example of such a presentation, students of class 8 put in their efforts with all their hearts and souls to pull off this display of creativity and elegance.

Students highlighted the essence of the day through a short role play and a tableau which aimed to implement a sense of realization in the youth and make them learn the importance of dedication, diligence and resilience.



‘ایک دن اقبال کے ساتھ’
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سلیقے سے ہواوْں میں جو خوشبو گھول سکتے ہیں
ابھی کچھ لوگ باقی ہیں جو اردو بول سکتے ہیں
اردو ہماری قومی زبان ہےاور یہ ہم سب کیلئے احترام اور پہچان کی ضمانت ہے۔
بیکن ہاؤس مڈل کیمپس نارتھ ناظم آباد نے بھی ہمیشہ سے اردو کی ترقی و ترویج میں اہم کردار ادا کیا ہے اور انہی کاوشوں کے پیشِ نظر جماعت ہفتم کے طلبا کیلئے ہفتہ اردو ادب کی سرگرمی کا انعقاد کیا گیا. جسں میں طلبا نے اردو ادب کی مشہور شخصیات کا مختصر تعارف کروایا۔
‘ایک دن اقبال کے ساتھ’ میں علامہ اقبا ل کا انٹرویو کیا گیا۔ اقبال کے کلام پر پرفارمنس اور تقاریر پیش کی گئیں ۔  اس سے طلبا کی خود اعتمادی اور معلومات میں خاطر خواہ اضافہ ہوا۔

Happy Birthday BSS!!
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The school looked incredibly beautiful and extremely lively on BSS Birthday and that was undoubtedly because of the sheer hard work of the team NNM and the dumbfounded  enthusiasm of our students.




The students had a blast throughout the day because of the highly engaging activities planned especially for the day.





Our distinguished guests, the senior students along with their teachers, arrived at 8 a.m. The seniors played the guitar and sang a few melodious songs, which compelled the audience to enjoy each and every moment.



The cake-cutting ceremony began in the second half of the day with electrifying enthusiasm among the students and the staff members. The jubilation and excitement could only be felt.
47th birthday this year…..many more to come…..


Certificates of Achievement
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Sport is Directly Proportional to Health

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Sports not only help children to maintain good health but it also increases self-esteem and mental alertness. Games like Cricket, Tennis, and Football are the must-play games at the school level. On the otherhand, feeling a sense of accomplishment is an important element in students developing positive well-being over time.

In order to appreciate their untiring efforts, Certificates of Achievement were given to our shining sport stars.

Interhouse Class (VII) Basketball Girls Tournament 2022 -2023
Interhouse Class (VII) Cricket Boys Tournament 2022 -2023
Interhouse Class (VII) Cricket Girls Tournament 2022 -2023
Interhouse Futsal Tournament Class VII (Boys) 2022 -2023

“Reflection creates analytical minds”.
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Class VIII students had hands-on experience in their History lesson.
 They performed a role play based on the concept of Round Table Conference where All India Muslim League, Indian National Congress and British were given a chance to convey their point of view regarding various historical events from 1885 till 1906.
The students were able to comprehend different perspectives of that era.

Our Little Shakespeare
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Following in the footsteps of William Blake, Robert Frost and J.K. Rowling, our little Shakespeare has achieved laurels with his amazing writing skills. Not only did he represent the school in the Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition, but also his articles (Recipe to Make a Friend and A Day in the Life of a Pencil) have been published in the V Shine magazine in the years 2020 and 2021.



Also, some of the poems written by Raiq Rehman will be published in the upcoming editions of the magazine.


We wish him all the best in his future endeavours and are sure that he will achieve milestones in the future.

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Pakistan has been facing a number of challenges since the time of its independence in 1947. And due to the increasing population, the scale of these issues is getting larger.
Fortunately Pakistan is a member of United Nations since September 30, 1947. The UN’s endeavours in Pakistan are rooted in the human rights-based approach, with gender equality, inclusion, capacity development and environmental sustainability.
In Pakistan, 19 organisations are affiliated with the UN to work together for the most vulnerable people of Pakistan.
Today the core issues of Pakistan and the collaborative development projects by the UN were highlighted by the students of Grade 10 A- Matric, as the alumni of Beaconhouse school system.
These alumni are great role models for current students and are often well placed to offer practical support to students as they start their careers.

Investiture Ceremony
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“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others”.
Bill Gates.
Gleaming faces of students shining with the light of success and hard work; parents calmly sitting with pride and satisfaction; staff and management beaming with jubilance-this is all about today’s prestigious Investiture Ceremony of our elected student council members and the house captains held in Beaconhouse School System, NNM.