Impact of sports and physical activities on youth development


It is important for us to be physically fit and active in our daily lives and continuously play some sports or do some exercises to help fit that role. It should be a mainstay in everyone’s schedule as even only a 30 minutes exercise can have a lot of benefits. 

Here are a few major roles, sports, and physical activities that can help in sustaining the human body and mind that may encourage you to pull up your socks and get walking.


  • Helps prevent anxiety and lowers our stress. 
  • Gives energy and elevates our mood and concentration. 
  • It encourages social, emotional, and mental health development.
  • Controls our blood sugar, helping the heart function properly.
  • Weight management reduces the risk of diseases.

Being physically active can provide you a fun and busy routine while also keeping your body healthy. It also brings positive energy, discipline, and other qualities which are helpful in your daily life. Sports and other physical activities can help students to manage their time effectively too!

Beaconhouse PECHS Campus has a stellar reputation for its athletic success. Most, if not all of its students participate in sporting activities and have excelled across all sports. Physical education is an integral part of Beaconhouse’s curriculum! The sporting curriculum is rapidly-evolving, as Beaconites continue to break records and reach unprecedented limits nationwide and internationally. 

Such as our brilliant student Huzefa Shahid from class 7F qualified for the finals of the ‘Texas Chicken All Pakistan Open Squash Championship 2022’ and secured 2nd Position.

Written by Shahzaib

Class VIII E