Better Health through Better Living


Life is a precious and valuable gift of Almighty Allah (SWT). It is given only once and is to be spent wisely. The quality of life depends on how we spend it. Living our life the right way increases its span and makes it worth living. Making healthy choices takes us closer to a healthy life. When making the right choices, choosing organic food intake tops the to-do list.

 Food that comprises loads of greens, Nuts and fruits to kill midnight and untimely cravings as snacks are the best choices. However, that doesn’t mean giving up on our favorite food entirely. We can have occasional breaks on weekends to satisfy our desires, but that must not become part of our regular meals.

Eating healthy makes us stay active and helps us stay focused during our day-to-day chores. We need to think about ways to avoid junk food. Here are some tips:

  •  Plan a list of Yes and No Snacks. When shopping, try to avoid junk food and choose fresh salads instead.
  •  Incorporate nuts and beans in your meals to stay whole.
  •  Try to take homemade lunch to work or school.
  •  Have food on time to avoid untimely hunger pangs.

 It is not too late to change our unhealthy eating food habits. We can still make our diet balanced by including nutrients in our daily life.

Apart from choosing the right kind of food, the next most important aspect of a healthy lifestyle is staying physically fit and active. No one likes to look chubby with a bulging belly. We can stay in shape and look attractive by devoting at least an hour daily to physical activity.

 Let’s promise ourselves to take utmost care of this beautiful and precious life by making the right choices about our food and lifestyle. After all, everyone has the right to live their life to its best extent!

Written by Fariyah

Class VII – J