Masquerade Party 2022 (Early Years)


“My memories mean a lot to me, and I hold them close to my heart”. Radhika Apte

That difficult yet memorable time of the year has come again “The Final Day”. This day is not only about moving to the new class, but is also filled with tears of joy and sadness containing all the beautiful and unforgettable memories. As Haruki Murakami said: “Memories warm you up from inside”. The early days of a student in school are packed with a lot of joyful activities. The last day is memorable not only for the kids but also for the teachers as well. It’s a time to be a sign of celebration, goodbyes and moving towards the new class with hope and confidence.

To make this very last day of students more special and indelible, one can arrange a get together or a costume party but, BSS Steel Town Campus Early Years thought of a tremendous idea by arranging a never-forgetting “Masquerade Party” for the Early Years students.


A “Masquerade Party” is a forerunner to the present-day costume party. Dressing up, while accessorizing with masks makes your party astonishing and surprising as well. To make this “Masquerade Party” more fun and exciting, the students were asked to wear not just any costume but their favorite superhero, cartoon character or any other character of their choice.


The students of Early Years flabbergasted us with their amazing and breath-taking costumes where some showed up as Spider-Man while others surprised us with their Superman looks.

The young girls were also at the top with their Fairy. Snow White and Cinderella dresses to add some glamour to the party.



The masks with the costumes were a bombshell. The party was crammed with laughter, rollicking activities and delicious food brought by the students. In the end, the teachers gave some warm hugs to their little students and wished them the best of luck for their next class. The students of Early Years will surely keep in mind this day as a beautiful recollection.