The Organic Gardening by Class V


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” — Audrey Hepburn

Unquestionably, Earth has been a giving planet. Everything humans have needed to endure life, and thrive, was provided by our beautiful planet. Therefore, to demonstrate support for environmental protection, students of Class V planted different plants, made organic post by disposing fruits peels and soil in a closed container.




They watched presentations and discussed about the issues of environmental pollution especially global warming. They researched on the ways of reducing pollution, thus decided to work on their organic gardening project. They collected organic rubbish and with the help of the gardener, they prepared compost which involved the use of only natural products to grow plants.



The aim of the activity was to make the students aware of minimizing destruction to living and non-living things in the natural environment and to create an ecosystem that nourishes and sustains soil microbes, insects and plants rather than just putting seeds in the ground and letting them grow