Universal Children’s Day,2022


“Every child is a different kind of a flower, and together they make this world a beautiful garden”.

Universal Children’s Day was established by UNICEF in 1954 and is celebrated on November 20th each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare. Each year there is a different message and the international theme for the year 2022 is, ‘A better future for every child’ which includes: the right to life, survival and development. The right to have their views respected and to have their best interests considered at all times. The right to a name and nationality, freedom of expression and access to information about them.

In order to celebrate Universal Children’s Day and to make it more fun filled, special morning assemblies were organized during the month of November. Theme of the assemblies was My family, my heart where students from each class performed on stage for the very 1st time on special songs. To create a festive environment student of each class were dressed up beautifully to bring color on stage and make their presentation lively. Beautiful props according to their songs were prepared by the teachers. Students paid tribute to their families by appreciating their efforts in beautiful words.  Parents were invited to witness their child’s performance.

It was a fun filled month during which students got an opportunity to face audience, speak and perform in front of them. Being on stage helped them to develop their self-esteem and confidence level. They learned how to collaborate with each other and work alongside their peers. They were embraced by a supportive audience i.e. our parents, who giggled, applauded and encouraged young performers.