Beaconhouse School System always offers prospective parents opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the school they have considered or are considering for their child. To continue with this legacy an Open Day with the theme of “Health Fair” was successfully organized by the team of Beaconhouse North Nazimabad Kindergarten I Campus.

A healthy lifestyle not only changes our body; it also changes our mind, our attitude and our mood. This concept was endorsed through interactive activities offered for children of different age groups as well as parents.

Different stations were set up focusing on Intellectual Health, Emotional Health, Physical Health, Self-Care and Food and Nutrition. The aim of each station was to promote awareness about a healthy lifestyle.

The event started off with the recitation of Asma ul Husna by the School choir. Later, the students of Toddlers and Pre-Nursery impressed everyone with their energetic and stunning performances. The event also included various physical activities such as taekwondo, aerobics, cycling and Yoga. Fascinating self-care activities such as nail studio and Hairdo were a source of great attraction for all. Self-lifting Pin the emotions activity, stimulating mirroring puzzle and word search and much more were an offer as well.

Parents and guests were impressed with the range of activities and experiences offered. The fun-filled day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.