Graduation ceremony of the outgoing Matric students of the session 2020-21


“Bridging the gap from one milestone to another”

Stepping on a new milestone from the comfort zone of school life, with hopes, anxiety, determination to achieve the best and promises to oneself to stand fast no matter what life holds in future, such were the gleaming faces of our graduating buds. The ceremony itself was a trip down memory lane for all our beacons of hope. The pride and honour of parents and teachers was in the air when the students were being awarded medals.  



To enlighten it more, our alumni, Zainab Ali Asgher gave an impressive and effective speech to spark a new ray of hope among all the graduates that life is a challenge, accept it with a smile.

The outstanding achievement award was given to Zonaira Azim who secured A-One grade with 96.47%. 


Gold medals were distributed to A-One grade students, along with silver medals to those who had proved their mettle through untiring effort and bronze medals to the hardworking  student body. 


Special gratitude with a loud applause was shown to the parents and teachers which was an overwhelming moment for all.  



Our students are our pillars of education platform which provides a passport for future endeavors. Our educational policy has been mapped out in accordance with the demand of modern times and numerous developments taking place around us.

We wish all our Graduates the best in all walks of life. We pray that they carry compassion, courage and Blessings of Almighty Allah and be a source of light for others.

Congratulations once again to all the recipients.