Spelling Bee Contests


Vocabulary is central to English language because without sufficient vocabulary we cannot express our ideas explicitly.

At BSS 17-G, teachers understand while vocabulary is integral ,spelling are critical component of communication and literacy . Spelling and reading skills are closely related and help develop overall literacy . Being confident at spelling leads to confidence in all aspects of literacy.

Keeping that in mind, various Spelling Bee competitions were organized in the school where students of Kindergarten till Grade II participated readily and with great zeal.  It was golden opportunity for them to showcase their ability of retention and understanding of relationships between letters and sounds. Students competed through various rounds such as speaking, writing and typing of spellings including tie-breaking rounds .Each round more challenging than the last, thus narrowing students to 1st , 2nd, and 3rd positions .Teachers ,Miss Suad ,Miss Amara and Miss Javeria encouraged and cheered for the participants and asked various questions through out the rounds .




All the participants were presented with certificates and winners took home trophies and certificates with them.

‘Literacy is the single most significant skill needed to function effectively in school and in society. It is vital to a successful education and quality of life’

By Anam Zeeshan

Educator, learner , observer, reader , art enthusiast , enjoy writing content. Education: Masters degree in Art and design. Currently teaching in Kindergarten at BSS 17-G. Future aspirations : to explore and excel in my professional pathway, entrepreneurship in art and design