Kindergarten Pets Day


Pet animals can be found in most of our households, be it a fish or a dog .Pets not only provide companionship but also add to a child’s self-esteem and positive emotional development. As the reader ‘Jacob O’Reily wants a pet’ was introduced in Kindergarten, teachers took the opportunity to organize a Pets Day thus taking the learning to a whole new level .


The day was filled with excitement , as students contributed by bringing a wide array of pet animals, that included a variety of birds, hamsters, turtles and fishes . Teachers displayed the pets in allocated areas in playground , where the students took turns to share their pet names, habits, food and playtime routines , with their friends .  Teachers set-up various activity corners and role play areas in the ground. Throughout the event, students had a gallery walk to observe all the pets, mask making and pet-owner booklet activities . Later students took part in an interactive role-play with a vet ,where they shared and learnt about pet needs and their responsibilities as pet-owners .  


Pets day concluded with the little kindergarteners singing various animal rhymes ,and having class group photos .

By Anam Zeeshan

Educator, learner , observer, reader , art enthusiast , enjoy writing content. Education: Masters degree in Art and design. Currently teaching in Kindergarten at BSS 17-G. Future aspirations : to explore and excel in my professional pathway, entrepreneurship in art and design