A trip To Remember


Life is wonderful when it is curated with love, care, affection, respect, and dignity. This year, on the 18th of October, which is marked as Global Dignity Day,2023, our students at Beaconhouse visited Darul Sukoon to show kindness to its residents. to demonstrate how much our students cared, our pupils gathered presents and freebies for their new friends. Our students had collected gifts and giveaways for their new “to be friends” which clearly shows how deep is their love for humanity. The excursion opened them to a whole new world. This special orphanage welcomed our students with open arms, as its residents battled mental illness. The children, each with their unique challenges, welcomed our young visitors with great curiosity, love, and interest. Our empathetic and compassionate students showered their love and respect on the children, young and elders alike at Durul Sakoon. They were engrossed in multiple activities together, which brought them even closer. It was heartwarming for our students to witness differently abled children’s talent, enthusiasm, and creativity. It was evident that the staff’s efforts were making a positive impact in their lives, helping them build self-esteem and coping skills. The bond of friendship that was established during the short visit was unbelievable and students at Beaconhouse will cherish it for the rest of their lives.