Creativity with Music


BSS Early Years Music philosophy is to nurture students’ curiosity. Classroom experiences are often enquiry driven and the environment allows for students to take risks, investigate and analyse intriguing situations in a variety of creative and innovative ways. Music in Early Years at BSS is about letting students become fluent in the language of music so that they may analyse, manipulate, arrange and communicate information. Music education fosters creative and aesthetic development, and enhances the growth of reasoning through the use of investigative techniques in a musical context.

As music is all around us in the form of sound, symbol, space, melody, measure and rhythm, the BSS believes that students have some prior knowledge of music when they first start school. In fact, the knowledge and understanding of music is an essential tool, necessary to make sense of the world in which we live.                       




Students of KG class enjoyed music in an enriching musical environment. They had access to different musical instruments which allowed them to manipulate and play music.