A Huge Thank You!


“Think about the moments a great teacher can author: The moment a boy realizes he can read a book, the moment a girl realizes she can master math, The feeling of winning a race for the first time – or just the feeling of being in the race for the first time.”  Dalton McGuinty

With the influence that teachers have over students’ lives, recognizing teachers’ accomplishments is a necessity. Such acknowledgements encourage a growth-centered environment, track the individual progress of educators, and keep them inspired for dynamic growth to reach new horizons.

All teachers of BMC-Girls are proud to state that they are passionate people. They love what they teach and they love the challenge of supporting their students’ learning. Their passion is contagious as they infect their students with a love of learning too.  Therefore, at Beaconhouse Metropolitan Campus-Girls, the Head Mistress Ma’am Rakhshanda Asad gave away tokens of appreciation to teachers for their efforts displayed by them in various areas throughout the year.

It was a gathering full of laughter and appreciation where everyone cheered for each other.  This was indeed a great way to end the last day of the school year.